• North West

    John Fisher


    07980 743613



    North West ABP is a Regional Group welcoming all those who practise psychology in business. Whether you’re a psychologist, trainer, coach, HR practitioner, HR consultant, recruiter, academic, or student.

    Our main objectives are to offer support to people practising psychology in business enabling them to exchange work experiences and providing a network in the North West and to promote the value of psychology in business, thereby increasing future business opportunities

    Local events are held at Manchester Business School, and tend to be held in the evening on a regular basis.

    Keep an eye on the Local Events listing page for further information and to book to attend


  • Bristol

    Caroline Gourlay


    07956 572665



    The point of our network is to meet other psychologists locally and to stretch our minds a bit.  It’s a discussion forum where people share their experience and knowledge, rather than a group where we learn about something from an expert in a presentation/Q&A format.  We agree on a topic in advance and one of the group introduces it.  It's a conversation and if you're there, you join in, if you're, not there's nothing to follow up. We don't produce notes or anything.

    We’ve been going strong since 2011 and meet every 2 months at the Marriott in central Bristol for a couple of hours on a weekday morning.  We’ve discussed a wide range of subjects, including differences in public and private sector cultures, the development of cognitive skills in adults, the impact of the internet on our work and how much do we need to know about neuroscience (answer, more than we do now!). As well as the discussion on the selected topic, we also allow time for people to either get advice on a business problem or share some exciting new research, tool or book, though often we don't need or use this bit.

  • London

    Stewart Desson




    London has been the traditional home of the ABP's local events and has a well established speaker programme of monthly events (with the exception of the annual break in August).

    Our monthly events are typically held in central London at the University of Westminister and enjoy a good turn out, as well as a bit of a buffet and some networking before and after.

    The full line up of forthcoming events for the London Regional Group, as well as booking details, can be found on the Local Events page.

    - Local Events

  • Chilterns (South Bucks/Berkshire)

    Pauline Grant


    07711 563901



    Our network provides both CPD and a forum within which people can get advice, support, test ideas and disseminate information.  Some members work together from time to time and most are independents who appreciate the networking and opportunity to connect with people working in similar fields.

    We usually meet in the evening for a couple of hours at a pub that helpfully reserves an area for us; we often start with a general discussion about the market/business development and then move on to a specific topic.  Most new members have been invited by the existing ones so we have expanded from the original few to 40 on the current list.

    We meet 3-4 times per year and recent sessions have been attended by 12-14 people.

  • Thames Valley

    Stewart Desson


    07767 634270


    The Thames Valley Group is being established, with our first event taking place on 25th June 2015 in Lumina Learning’s offices in Camberley. 

    The decision to form the Group was made to cater for several members in the area who found that it was just too far to travel to other Group meetings, including Central London.  It is intended that the Group will attract members from Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and West Surrey  

    It is anticipated that the group will run evening events, perhaps quarterly, and that they will be held at different venues across the region.  We are looking to expand the committee, so anyone who is interested in getting involved with the group should please contact us.

  • Scotland

    Alan Brown


    07774 764678

    At present there is no regional group for Scotland. However, if you have an interest in improving the understanding and application of psychology in business with a view to increasing productivity, engagmenet and wellbeing with less time, money and stress, then please contact Alan. 

    Depending on the level of interest, we can consider the possibility of arranging local events in Scotland.