Is Business Psychology Delivering for HR?

We are very privileged to be able to welcome Peter Cheese to come and  lead a discussion on the relationship between Business Psychology and  HR.

HR is firmly about sourcing, developing and utilising the people resource in an organisation to best outcome, and understanding and developing cultures that align behaviours, enable collaboration and innovation, and bring together people with diverse interests, skills and profiles.

Business psychologists working either directly in HR roles or alongside HR professionals can add a lot of value by bringing some of the science to the art of HR, and understanding of human and organisational behaviour. But there are sometimes challenges of connection and understanding, or uncertain outcomes, and yet with the increasing focus on behaviours, culture, and human risk across organisations, how business psychologists work together with HR has never been more important.

This session will explore some of the opportunities and challenges and how HR and Business Psychologists can partner and collaborate more effectively for the future.  

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