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Change is Simple!

By Alison France, Evosis Okay, we all know it’s not always the case that 'change is simple' and I’m being deliberately provocative to catch your attention - so how about: Change can be simple…? Based on my knowledge and experience,…

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Resistance to Change? The ABC Technique

by John Fisher, c2d In all our roles we have to address change in its many forms. One of the biggest problems is that, usually, people just don’t want to change! For me what is fundamental, and sometimes missed, is…

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ABP at the DOP Conference, January 2013

By Sanjay Bhogaita, Conference Team Member Not long unpacked from exhibiting at the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP) Conference at the end of December 2012, we suddenly found ourselves on the road again.  So, in good spirits and with…

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Change – Since Time Began

by John Hugo, Change Delivery Associates What does change mean? Verb: Make or become different: “a proposal to change the law”; “to change the way things are done” Noun: The act or instance of making or becoming different Synonyms Verb: Alter, exchange, vary,…

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Change: So what’s new?

by Steve Whiddett, WHE-UK Ltd So what's new? Not a lot really. Darwin has shown us that change is the very essence of survival. We need to adapt to changes around us in order to survive as individuals and organisations have…

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