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As we draw to the end of the year, it is a time for many people’s annual appraisal: and the ABP is no different. Let’s see how we have done against our 2018 Objectives. We originally clustered them under four headings, so let’s take each one in turn.

1. Growth

  • Specifically target sign up from our pool of ABP Accredited University course students.
  • Set up an ABP Advisory Board consisting of key influencers in the Business Psychology sphere
  • Drive Corporate Membership sign up from the main Business Psychology consultancies and organisations with pools of in-house practitioners.
  • Recruit 3-4 new ABP Board members.

Overall, we’ve done well overall against our growth targets. Total membership numbers have risen from 982 to 1085 (a 10.5% increase).

To target students, our inaugural student conference was a great success. Our Advisory Board was set up and populated with the great and the good. Our corporate membership now stands at five: although this is an increase on the two we had at the start of the year, it would be great to see this grow significantly in 2019. We have exceeded our ABP Board Membership goals, with six new Board members.

2. Member Benefits

  • Promote our member benefits more clearly
  • Produce a consistent up-to-date script/process for introducing the ABP at the beginning/end of events
  • Offer our core evening speaker events free of charge to members.
  • Consider additional benefits which we might offer to members such as access to research, deals on co-working spaces, access to employee benefits etc.
  • Consider running a (maybe virtual) student conference/event
  • Run a member survey with results just for members
  • Build on the success of our webinar series ‘Practical People Assessment’ with webinar series on ‘business skills’ and ‘consultancy skills’

Our benefits are described here. However, I feel this needs a refresh to fully reflect what is on offer. Whilst we looked at a broader range of benefits, some were too tangentially related to our focus (e.g. cut-price gym memberships etc) and some were either too pricey or did not have sufficient support for. This is an ongoing project to get the right balance of member benefits for you. Our sold-out Conference continues to be the jewel in our crown and we had some great feedback on this from members this year.

A script for events was introduced: however, it felt a little stiff and formal so we reverted just to ensuring we speak clearly about the ABP at the start and end of each event to encourage sign up and engagement. The key benefit of free evening events was introduced as a year-long trial: we will be reviewing the impact this had on attendance and membership rates as part of our new year review. Our Business Psychology survey was run and showed some fascinating results: this was released to members in our December newsletter and will be up on our website in January. The Practical People Assessment series was successfully run again. The planned additional topics for webinars did not happen in 2018 due to other priorities: however, delivering more online content is firmly on the agenda for our Training and Events teams in 2019!

3. Process and Systems

  • Update and create maps of key processes such as student membership transition to full membership, corporate member sign-up, new member joining, lapsed members, Board Member recruitment, volunteer selection/recruitment/onboarding, pricing, payment options, communications strategy, training etc.
  • Provide a source of knowledge and guidance to ABP members around GDPR.
  • Ensure ABP compliance with GDPR
  • Implement new back-office systems for email, document management and virtual collaboration
  • Upgrade current website

A small team of volunteers embarked on an initial project to map our core processes. We now have process maps for these, which gives us the starting point for process improvement work. There is now more we can do to make our core processes more efficient.

We ran a talk by Betsy Kendall on the impact of GDPR on Business Psychologists and we have gone through stringent internal review to ensure we are compliant as an organisation. Here is a copy of a webinar she later ran on the subject that you may find useful

The website and back-office systems were not upgraded this year due to being deprioritised in the face of competing demands. We will decide in January if these should be carried over to 2019.

4. Certification

  • Complete the Business Psychologist Certification pilot, launch and complete the first wave of applicants.

The Business Psychologist Certification pilot was successfully completed: congratulations Silpa and Jo for being our first successful cohort! With more people signed up, in 2019 we will ensure that there is a clear link between our training and events and the Certification so that we can clearly support people’s journey on this qualification.

So, overall, I would say that the ABP have done really well this year: not perfect (there’s always room for improvement), but looking back on all the team have achieved it is a real testament to our volunteers’ love of, and commitment to, supporting our profession. Come and join us in 2019 to help take us even higher!


Ben Williams, January 2019

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