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2018 Conference Timetable

The theme this year is exploring the impact of the ageing workforce, the increasing trend and move towards more dynamic and flexible working patterns and how larger organisations are responding to this. Make no mistake, this conference will have something relevant for all of us and you might even consider it your responsibility to stay up to date with what is happening.  I’m confident the conference this year will do this for you not only through the amazing keynotes we have lined up, but now through the submissions we’ve been privileged to go through and select.  It’s always a challenging (and daunting) task to go through them all, but we’ve now completed this exercise and are delighted to share with you the speakers and their headline titles of what they will be covering.


Thursday speakers include:

David Blackburn – Chief People Officer, FSCS.  David will be sharing insights into how they have researched and are responding to the changing expectations and needs of older workers.  In an era of the 100 year life, it isn’t all about millennials….

Jo Floyd and Clare Wheeler.  Both Jo and Clare left careers respectively in private equity/banking and management consulting to pursue Masters degrees in Business Psychology.  Jo’s MSc project earned her a distinction and Clare’s was judged best student research project by her University last year.  We’ll be privileged to hear research which represents the best Masters level research which explores the growing interest in the area of women returning to work following career breaks to raise children.

Paul Devoy – Chief Executive Officer, Investors In People.  IIP has for years been in the privileged position of assessing the best companies to work for – and for this conference they are casting their lens specifically on the work done by businesses to examine and manage employee mental health.

Antony Roscoe – Behaviour Improvement Manager at Kier Group (Engineering firm).  Says Antony “One of the issues with our sector is that we spend too long talking to each other and not engaging enough with those who are in a position to use our knowledge and expertise.  If we can’t engage others in our messages, then the best research and knowledge if never applied is effectively wasted.”


Friday speakers include:

Sarah Clarke – Occupational Mind Group. Since 2000, more than 50% of those listed in the FTSE 100 have disappeared.  It has been argued that failure to innovate is the cause.  True or not, innovation is a key business imperative and Sarah is going to share the last 10 years of research on creativity and innovation to deliver practical learning points on how we can help organisations understand the key levers to making their innovation efforts more productive.

Luigi Fierro – Head Strategy and Innovation ING Bank.  Luigi is a true thought leader, keen to experiment and test new ideas.  He and his colleague Aga will be sharing their work to drive up performance management standards across the organisation.

Cat Dean – Arup.  Cat will be sharing insights into how large corporates can develop and embed a culture of well-being.

Rebecca Page-Tickell – Senior Lecturer, University of East London.  Rebecca is sharing research and insights into the older apprentice.  As the older, professional worker is largely the group who will be taking on apprentice roles, Rebecca will share research and evidence to give hints and tips on how to work with older apprentices more effectively.

Amanda Potter – Co Founder, Zircon. Amanda is an award winning psychologist and she’ll share practical insights based on research into how organisations can achieve higher levels of inclusion of females in the boardroom

Misha Jachand – Assessment Specialist, British Airways.  In a world where on line and digital assessments are forever on the increase, Misha will share research and insights into how BA have transformed their approach with practical implications for others to learn from and consider.


This is only a selection and doesn’t go into any detail of some of the incredible case studies and submissions the awards shortlisted delegates will be covering on the Thursday afternoon.  In short, this is a psychology bonanza with something in the timetable for everyone!



To see an overview of the timetable as it currently stands, please click here.


Remember to book your tickets

The conference is on October 11th and 12th at the Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, West London.

You can book tickets online here (and follow the link provided. Members will need to login).

Early bird runs out on August 31st The earlybird gives you a 20% discount, so do please book your tickets now.

Remember, your ticket does not include accommodation which needs to be booked separately here.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Lucy Standing

2018 Conference Team

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