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Today the primary professional body for Business Psychologists in the UK relaunched itself with a new name:

The Association for Business Psychology.

Reflecting a shift in focus for the organisation, the name change emphasises a more outward-looking approach and an emphasis on being both a home and the voice for both the profession and practitioners of Business Psychology.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association, held on 9th December 2014, members of the ABP voted to pass a resolution to change the name of the Association of Business Psychologists, to the Association for Business Psychology.  Passed by an overwhelming majority, ABP Chair Clodagh O’Reilly shared her thoughts on the importance of this change:

“The Association was set up to represent Business Psychologists and as a networking and knowledge sharing group.  Whilst we still provide our members with professional development through monthly events, regional network groups and the annual conference, our vision is to champion the application of psychology to business.

The name change underlines the increased focus on building greater awareness, outside the profession, of how Business Psychology can benefit organisations”.


The ABP, not just for traditionally qualified Psychologists

The ABP is not just for traditionally qualified Psychologists, but welcomes a wide range of professional practitioners and capitalises on the mix of backgrounds and specialisms.  For all members, the aim is to provide a rich learning environment and opportunities to develop their career, grow their business and to meet like-minded people.

“For me, the value of the organisation has always been its inclusiveness and the sense of community, but our new name and initiatives such as the ABP’s Workforce Experience Awards, the ABP Connections service on our website and a new training programme will really help us to grow our membership and ensure that a broader group of people learn about the benefits of employing Business Psychologists” says Debbie Hance, Lead for the ABP’s External Engagement Group.

“Our profession has a real role to play in helping to build sustainable workforces and companies which grow, thrive and which are better equipped to meet economic and market challenges.  The ABP is now fully prepared to support our members in making a difference.”


Hence, under the new name of the Association for Business Psychology, the association further renews its ongoing commitment to inclusion, ‘learning together’ and working towards being able to champion business psychology to a wider auidience and with an expanded membership base.

Find out more

If you are a Member and would like to find out more information about what these changes mean to you email  Relevant information will also be posted regularly in the Member’s Area of this website.

If you would like to join the ABP as Member and would like to find out more the benefits of being part of the ABP, visit the Membership pages.

Note: Work is currently underway to update relevant ABP collateral to reflect the new name for the Association.  As such, you may still see website pages, etc which still make reference to the old name. Please bear with us whilst this work is underway.

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