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Gonzalo Lopez

Board Member – Conference

Gonzalo graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Psychology in 2010. During the next six years, he worked as a Business Psychologist in the Chilean Banking industry, specialising in several senior talent management programs, including Mentoring, Talent Review boards, succession plans among others. He also led company-wide processes such as Performance Management, Organisational Climate surveys redesigns, and HR software development.

In 2016 he arrived in the UK to complete an MSc on I/O psychology at UCL, specialising in deliberate and indirect self-persuasion techniques. This topic led him to eventually start working as a behavioural consultant, and also to join The Association for Business Psychology as a volunteer member in charge of the Annual Conference. His main interests reside in the application of evidence-based solutions and behavioural science, including implementation through process automation and technology integration.

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