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The Board, our Values and what we ask of our Board members:

The Association for Business Psychology has professionalised and grown over recent years.   We’ve seen the expansion of our existing streams and development of new ones:

–        Business Psychology Certification provides a route for ABP members to achieve ‘Business Psychologist’ status by evidencing their experience, expertise, competencies and skill across core psychology and business areas.

–        A robust accreditation and revalidation process for educational programmes that train and develop students and lifelong learners in the field of Business Psychology

–        Conference audience has grown from 100 (to a consistent audience size now of 200).

–        In 2014 we introduced an awards process which continues to attract and allows us to profile and share fantastic work

–        A professionally produced podcast series featuring some of the most influential voices in the world of business psychology

–        We have a growing corporate member audience.

–        We run a training events calendar

–        Our speaker events run every month and, in some cases, attract over 80 people

–        We have a monthly book club – and many members who write books!

–        ABP NexGen – offering business psychology students and early career practitioners an inspiring and informative space to facilitate their professional development

The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) was set up with the sole purpose of championing business psychology by creating an inclusive environment and a home for those with an interest in business psychology. The organisation works to provide accessible, user-friendly information, training and support, and, by raising awareness of the benefits of business psychology to individuals, teams and organisations.

As a Board made up entirely of volunteers (but with the support of some paid professional resource) we rely on each other to deliver.  We ask everyone to recognise that they are part of a team, as we need the flexibility and adaptability be able to support and rely on each other when needed.

We live and operate by the values we share publicly: we ask you to read and consider them when applying:

–        We are passionate: at our core we care deeply about improving business performance and the quality of life at work.

–        We are inclusive: regardless of your profession or role, your passion for business psychology makes you one of us. You can be a business psychologist, an HR professional, a CEO, a behavioural economist, a marketeer, a data scientist… or anyone else!

–        We are informative: we provide opportunities for our members to stay up to date with leading-edge, evidence-based research and practice in Business Psychology and take away practical advice.

–        We are connected: we create meaningful networking opportunities for people to learn, debate and laugh together.

–        We are visible: we act as a voice for the profession on relevant issues in public and professional spheres.

We recognise that the Board is a voluntary position, so there will be differing amounts of time people can commit based upon their existing work and personal commitments.  At a minimum, we would expect Board Members time commitment to include most of the following:

–                 1-hour Board Meeting every fortnight (currently 18.30 – 19.30 on Mondays)

–                 Half-day strategy session twice a year

–                 Between 1 to 4 hours every week working on ABP-related activities.

Beyond this, you are welcome to volunteer as much time as you feel able to.

Vice Chair of The ABP

How to apply (note – the Vice Chair role has a different process to the other Board positions)
Please send an email detailing why you’d like to be considered for this role to – by 6.00pm on Wednesday 26 May 2021.

Member nominations are not needed for the Vice Chair role at this point. As this is an Officer position on the ABP Board, the successful candidate will be co-opted for one year to the Board and formally ratified by members at AGM 2022, when the formal nomination process will apply.

In your email, please explain in less than 750 words:
– Your professional background and achievements
– Your experience of volunteering for psychologist member organisations
– An example of what you might like to achieve with the Vice-Chair role (we will ask about this in more depth at later stages)
– How you fulfil the requirements of the role
– What you feel the biggest challenge of the role would be for you.

Main roles:
Supervising and providing support across all streams of the ABP:
– Work closely with our Head of Projects and Head of Marketing to keep on top of projects and activities which don’t easily sit within each stream lead. A classic example of this is reviewing and providing feedback to our main suppliers on their service provision and ensuring the ABP get value for money for our members
– Help support and coach stream leads and board members so they are performing at their best
– Being a conduit and answering queries and dealing with issues in the absence of the Chair (we all have full time jobs and people do go away on holiday). Issues need immediate action and decisions which this role as an officer of the Association may require you to make
– To take part in all board meetings and take actions which may not easily fall to any of the stream leads.
– Actively try to recruit new members and provide ongoing support to stream leads to help ensure activity is focused on providing the best value for our existing members as well as generating activity which drives towards being commercially sustainable.
– As vice chair you need to help prevent silos from building up. Where there are chances for streams to work with each other and for learning to be shared, this role needs to facilitate that.

The ideal person:
– You need to be commercially minded and demonstrate a strong track record of helping to drive growth. We should be clear: the ABP aspires not to become a faceless or even a large organisation, but we do want to become more professional. We do want to provide deeper and better support to our members and there is an extent to which we can rely on volunteer resource to do this. Inevitably with full time jobs, most of our board members have to prioritise their time. The benefit of having some paid resource is we can offer our members more consistent and reliable support on their key issues. We therefore want to drive more members to a point where income generated allows for the investment in some more supporting resource, but we never want to get to a size beyond remaining a small and friendly – but highly professional association.
– You need to demonstrate a strong orientation towards integrity: the ABP is an organisation where we are trusted by our members to spend their membership fee wisely. As a senior role in the Association, you are a custodian of our values. These need to be demonstrated visibly and publicly.
– You need to be orientated towards coaching and providing support to those who need it. When a crisis happens or when a board member has to drop off the radar for a time, we need others who can step up and take over when needed. As vice chair, this role will fall to you.
– Teamwork: related to the above point, the main reason any volunteer is involved is because they get something from the experience of being a board member. This role should support, encourage and motivate people to be the best they can be – which is partly the relationships we build, but it is largely hands on support as and when needed.
– Ability to read the market. For the past 4-5 years, the ABP has successfully read the mood and tone of the market. Staying ahead of the trends and predicting what will be important – influences the interest our members have in attending events as well as our ability to attract new members.
– You should be an influencer. This is a senior and high profile role within the Association. You will be expected to help build a following and attract high profile and influential people like keynote speakers to attend our events (without a fee). Having a reputation and being able to attract and influence our market will enable you to add real value
– You should manage your expectations around this role taking up considerable time. Realistically, you should allocate several hours per week to check in on volunteers, answer queries, take on your own projects and follow up on board member actions.
– Evidence based approach. The ABP has a policy of not aligning itself alongside any specific providers or products however we are aligned to the value that the content we share and the people we offer a platform to should be able to demonstrate an evidence base to their work – or strong theoretical underpinnings to thought leadership. Whilst we certainly bring in people and experts who have specific expertise in areas completely unrelated to psychology (e.g our accounting service to members or our insurance providers who allocate discounts to our members) in the main, the content we do share needs to be trustworthy and credible. You need to help champion and demonstrate you support this value.

Head of Accreditation and Standards

(Dawn Nicholson – co-opt 2020, standing for election 2021)

The Head of Accreditation and Standards works with our partner universities to increase excellence in the knowledge, teaching and understanding of the application of business psychology, for both undergraduate and Masters students. They aim to position the ABP at the forefront of helping to grow and develop the business psychologists of the future – students who not only have great theoretical and technical skills, but can also apply these to solving real world business problems and building the workplace of the future. This is achieved through the creation of a framework for excellence in teaching business psychology, against which the Head of Accreditation and Standards measures the programmes of the Universities who apply for ABP accreditation.

Given the need to partner closely with universities, and to understand how Business and Organisational Psychology is taught at these levels, a requirement for the role of Head of Accreditation and Standards is that they should have experience of managing and delivering a successful Business / Organisational / Occupational Psychology programme in a university environment, ideally including through the process of achieving ABP accreditation.

In summary, the Head of Accreditation and Standards is responsible for setting and maintaining standards of excellence for the universities we accredit and working with them to grow and develop the business psychologists of the future.

Head of Certification

(Steve Apps – standing for re-election 2021)

The Head of Certification is responsible for leading the Certification team and has the following responsibilities:

  • Attracting and processing applications
  • Ensuring quality assurance is in place
  • Making continuous improvement
  • Driving the transition of members to new membership categories
  • Liaising with internal workstreams and relevant external stakeholders where appropriate/necessary
  • Ensuring certification is financially sustainable

Head of Member Engagement

(Uzma Afridi – standing for re-election 2021)

The Head of Member Engagement is responsible for:

  • Optimising member engagement, enhancing member value and increasing member acquisition and retention.
  • To act as the voice of the ABP members – supporting the ABP Board and wider volunteer community to understand member behaviour, market trends, etc which lead to opportunities for growth.
  • To monitor the diversity of the membership – working to proactively promote the ABP’s equality, diversity and inclusion plan is delivered in relation to membership activities.

Head of Professional Development

(New Board role – nominations welcomed)

The next step in supporting the development of the knowledge and skills of our membership community is via the creation of a new board role ‘Head of Membership & Professional Development’.

The purpose of this new role is to lead on the creation and delivery of the ABP’s strategic plan to develop a clear and accessible career/professional development offering for its members, from student through to experienced and established practitioner. It will form a new and more strategic umbrella for existing activities, such as the Next Gen blog, and the work that has just started on creating a career routeway. In addition, working closely with, and seeking out opportunities to collaborate with existing workstreams, in the areas of university accreditation, certification, training, and to some extent, even events and the conference. We also see opportunities to further create links between our existing Next Gen activities with facilitating the creation of apprenticeship and mentoring opportunities.

Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide strategic direction and leadership on the creation of a professional development strategy
  • Oversee the design and development of a career routeway for members
  • Research best practice to enable best design of CPD provision
  • Ensure that there is regular review and improvement of development provision based on member feedback
  • Work with the Accreditation, Certification and Training teams to ensure a joined-up approach to providing continuing professional development for members.
  • Assess the most effective delivery mechanisms for all aspects of development and develop broader delivery mechanisms – internal and external – to ensure all interventions are delivered in an appropriate, efficient and excellent manner
  • Direct and manage a team of volunteers in the design and delivery of the Professional Development workstream
  • Effectively communicate the aims and services of Professional Development to ensure that appropriate audiences understand how to assess and access appropriate development solutions
  • Work collaboratively fellow Board members in supporting the achievement of the ABP’s strategic aims and mission ‘to be the home and voice of business psychology’

Head of Training

(Uzma Waseem – standing for re-election 2021)

The Head of Training oversees the ABP’s external training provision and has the following responsibilities:

  • Actively scouting for opportunities to invite trainers to facilitate workshops and overlooking event promotion across ABP social media platforms. Organising submissions for the board to approve
  • Quality checking of training interventions

Liaising between the team, CJAM (admin), Comms, Accounts and the board, to maintain a strategic outlook on the activity of the training team

Overviews of Board roles open for Nominations:

If you would like to submit your nomination for any of these roles, we strongly suggest that you get in touch for a chat to learn about them in more detail before your nomination (nominations are due by 6.00pm on Wednesday 26 May 2021).

Please fill out the following form and we will put you in touch with the right person to find out more.

ABP Board nominations
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