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In these unprecedented times, people are finding ways to persevere with their work and personal life. This year’s ABP Annual Conference, which will be held from the 4th – 8th October, will facilitate exchange of invaluable information that can help create an impact that may be an answer to the problem faced by the world. Bearing in mind the challenges faced in the wake of the global pandemic, the topic of this year’s conference is ‘Beyond…Lessons from COVID on wellbeing, diversity, purpose and connectivity’.

Once again, and hopefully for the last time, this year’s conference will be a ‘virtual-only’ event. We are going to be using an online platform – Hopin – which will allow us to provide you with networking in small groups and topic areas, and far more discussion.

There are many benefits to attending the conference!

  • As a member of the ABP you can attend the conference at a discounted price.
  • The conference is an opportunity to not only strengthen your relationship with existing members of the ABP, but also build some new ones with speakers, attendees, and sponsors of the conference, who may share your values and interests.
  • As a speaker at the conference, you have the opportunity to share your recent work and receive constructive feedback from other professionals for further refinement and validation.
  • We are well aware of the importance of work behaviour in the performance of the employees and the organisation. However, with the current proliferation of remote-working, the conference provides a platform to address the changes occurring in the work environment and learn more about psychology at work.
  • Attending the conference gives you a chance to hear about and participate in the topics of recent research. Moreover, learning about the new trends in or around your field of interest or work helps stay updated and contributes to personal development.
  • Within the plan for this year’s conference, there is ample scope for networking which not only encourages one to step out of their comfort zone, but can also be beneficial in business-related objectives such as exploring a new business idea or a new business partner!
  • Meeting other industry experts is advantageous in various professional ways such as career growth and expansion of knowledge. In addition, facets of personal development such as the skills to manage time successfully, maintain a healthy work-life balance and staying productive while working from home.

Lastly, the conference encourages team building by bringing forth the right people at the right time in the same virtual space with a large pool of indispensable knowledge.

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