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Business Reporter’s Human Capital edition is now online and features an article by ABP Chair, Ben Williams. 

New deal or poor deal: how do workers fare in the gig economy?

More and more of us are working in the ‘gig economy’, where our employment is made up of short-term contracts or freelance work (rather than permanent full-time jobs) and gig-economy workers are as much of a business’ human capital as are permanent employee. From a business psychology perspective, managing gig-economy workers (freelancers) may be as important as managing permanent employees.  They still require skilled leadership (managers) from the people who are handling their contracts and from their colleagues, and they will thrive best in engaging environments especially ones that allow them to develop and progress. If a business can supply these elements, gig-economy workers can be as useful for productivity as can permanent members of staff.

Read more in the Business Reporter Human Capital edition here.

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