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Outline of the Day

The day conference will consist of an interactive day of speaker sessions, networking and case studies from our Awards Finalists. We want to make the most of being together in person, so there will be lots of opportunities for formal and informal networking.

9:00am -10:00am


10:00am -11:00am

Keynote Speaker

Winning Together – Olympic Gold & Bronze Medallist, Organisational Psychologist, Author and Coach, Helen Richardson-Walsh, shares powerful lessons from the GB women’s hockey team’s journey and show us how to create a winning culture in any environment to ensure you and your teammates thrive.

11:00am -11:30am


11:30am -12:30pm

Sponsor Sessions


Exploring wellness at work with the Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing

Zircon Be Talent.

Assessing the impact Resilience has on Psychological Safety.

PSI Services, Talent Management

How can we build more inclusive relationships at work?

Lumina Learning.

The use of Business Psychology to create digital e-learning experiences for personal and professional development using Lumina Spark.

12:30pm -1:30pm


1:30pm -3:30pm

Presentations, round tables and panel discussions with awards finalists (each will present twice)


Roundtables Session 1

Excellence in Customised Assessment
Sten 10
An Animated Situational Judgement Test with Unlocked Graduates – Life as a Prison Officer

Excellence in Advanced Assessment Experience
Goldsmiths University
Creating and Validating an Image-Based Measure of the Big Five

Excellence in Change Management
On the right track: Using change management to form an integrated team culture in High Speed 2’s complex capital project

Excellence in Learning Interventions
Lumina Learning
Lumina-Spark Qualification – Responding to Covid-19 with a Blended Virtual Qualification

Excellence in Development
SRS Recruitment and Employability Experts
Supporting students to secure placements and graduate roles, by increasing their confidence, knowledge and overall employability.

Excellence in Improving Inclusion
The People Deal
Fairness First – Excellence in Engagement and Employee Experience.

Excellence in Health & Wellbeing
People Wise
Defeating stress and boosting well-being through Positive Resilience at a global real estate giant

Excellence in using Business Psychology to create Social Impact
Project Leap
Taking a LEAP: A Kindness Initiative


Roundtables Session 2

Excellence in Customised Assessment
A ‘day in the life’ of a Neighbourhood Police Officer Police Now, supported by Amberjack

Excellence in Inclusive Assessment
Mosaic Consulting
Driving profit and increasing diversity through improved predictive validity of global sales recruitment

Excellence in Change Management
North Highland
GSK Interventions Design Lab – pioneering human-centric change and succeeding in a complex landscape

Excellence in Development
Doing leadership development differently: how we are building the culture we want in a growing organisation (through a pandemic).

Excellence in Embracing Diversity
Reimagining how we support our people to thrive in a global pandemic

Excellence in Improving Inclusion
Inemmo and Lumina Learning
Coaching and mentoring to help young leaders navigate social inequalities and biases to achieve success in their careers.

Excellence in Inclusive Assessment
Here2There (H2t) – an online person-centred planning and outcomes recording tool

Excellence in using Business Psychology to create Social Impact
The PCL Student Sponsorship Programme – Supporting the Next Generation of Business Psychologists

3:15pm -3:45pm


3:45pm -4:30pm

Round table presentations and discussions with Award Finalists (each will present twice)


Roundtables Session 3

Excellence in Customised Assessment
Saville Assessment
Developing a bespoke assessment solution to help embed the Edgewell values in People Managers

Excellence in Advancec Assessment Experience
Vima Link SA
AI-driven behavioural assessment of soft skill impressions through automatic video analysis

Excellence in Inclusive Assessment
BT Graduates – Achieving the Pinnacle: Comprehensive Performance Prediction & Proven End-to-End Fairness Across Candidate Groups

Excellence in Change Management
Caja Ltd
Applying Behavioural Science to Change Behaviours and Reduce Inequalities in Cancer Early Diagnosis

Excellence in Embracing Diversity
Dave Houchin
College of Policing  – Perspectives – How could you be the difference?

Excellence in Improving Inclusion
Athinka Ltd. & Alumni Global
Not Your Usual Unconscious Bias Training: Reducing bias in people decisions with an evidence-based approach

Excellence in Health & Wellbeing
YMCA England & Wales
Offering a holistic health & wellbeing offering to staff at the YMCA

Excellence in using Business Psychology to create Social Impact
ALiGN by OTEC, Ryerson Magnet and Lumina Learning
From employer-centric to jobseeker-centric – an innovative approach putting Business Psychology in the service of Vulnerable, Marginalised, and Underserved Populations

4:30pm -5:30pm


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