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ABP Conference 2015: 26th – 28th November

The theme of the ABP’s 2015 Conference is inspired by the title of the Association’s forthcoming second book: Business Psychology in Action. The book’s explore a range of evidence-based and emerging themes in Business Psychology that both showcase the ‘state of the art’ and highlight possible future directions.

As practitioners, business psychologists will already be aware of the breadth of range and scope of our discipline. The book is no exception, and will explore a multiplicity of topics within the over-arching theme of ‘business psychology in action’. These include:

  • The global village – cultural considerations, interventions and strategies for global organisations; working with virtual and diverse teams
  • Well-being – evidence-based interventions linking productivity and effectiveness with high quality work environments and social responsibility, relating mind-set to performance
  • Leadership and resilience – the value of wisdom; individual and collective sustainability and resilience
  • The digital age – how to use the best of psychology alongside the latest technologies, and the impact of the digital age on workplace environments and behaviours
  • ‘The science bit’ – the impact of neuropsychology and neuroscience, and their contributions to practice development
  • Applying social psychology – the importance of understanding group as well as individual behaviour, acknowledging the influence of organisational contexts and systems

The 2015 ABP Conference presents a further opportunity for practitioners to refresh and update their awareness and understanding of latest developments and emerging topics, while rigorously prioritising the professional and the proven over the fleeting and the fashionable. For conference speakers and session presenters, it also offers an opportunity to demonstrate and illustrate both thought leadership and the positive and proven impact of business psychology on many aspects of individual and organisational working life: HR, learning and training, performance management and improvement, working relationships, behavioural and cultural change…

If you have a compelling, evidence-based and forward-thinking presentation that you would like to deliver at the 2015 ABP Conference, please download, complete and return the Speaker Requirements Form to provide us with further details. Applications must be received by Friday 7th August 2015

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