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AGM Election Results Announced

On 1st July 2019, the ABP held its AGM, which, amongst other things, included an election to select our new ABP Board Members. The draft minutes of the AGM will be available in the Members section of the ABP website…

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Gamification – Ben Williams, Sten10 Event Report

15th May 2019 in Manchester, we saw ABP Chair Ben Williams, Sten10 present Gamification: benefits, progress and challenges   The costs of hiring have escalated so much in recent years that it is inevitable that recruiters are looking to increase…

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ABP Awards – How to write a Great Entry!

The deadline to get your entry into the 2019 Awards is fast approaching. Watch the recent training provided by Awards Judge Steve Whiddett on how to write an excellent submission:  

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What does it take to be an effective leader?

What qualities and behaviours do leaders need to display in order to lead effectively and achieve desired outcomes? Questions such as these have been asked thousands of times and no doubt will continue to be asked again and again, each…

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