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The 21st Annual ABP Conference


Lessons from COVID-19 about wellbeing, diversity, purpose and connectivity



09:30 – 12:30



09:30 – 12:30


This year’s conference will be held online.
Details to follow.

The rise of purpose….

Covid-19 has accelerated a shift:  people are demanding greater flexibility in how both individuals and organisations operate. The organisations that emerged unscathed from the previous economic crash were those who put purpose above profit.  Humans want humanity.  Psychology helps us understand how best to lead the change…..

Our streams…





Connection, technology, and culture

  • 61% of desk-based workers would prefer to work from home more often after lockdown. How do you manage hybrid teams?
  • Over half of people working from home reported that they have found it difficult to switch off. Whose responsibility is this: the organisation or the individual?
  • How do large companies build a workforce around freelance, portfolio and part time workers?
  • How can businesses maintain a high quality employee experience regardless of “where” employees may work?
  • How do you build and maintain a company culture in an increasingly virtual world?

Diversity, Inclusion & Individual Differences:
The Journey

  • How can you attract and engage talent from different walks of life?
  • How can we improve assessment processes and make them more inclusive?
  • How can we ensure employees are not just a number?
  • The power balance has shifted: employees increasingly drive the decision-making process, but 26% of employees either think their managers are opposed, unaware, or undecided about diversity and inclusion, or don’t know how their managers feel.
  • How can employers encourage and maintain high motivation?


  • Average year on year growth for B corps is 14% – 28 times higher than the national economic growth.
  • Purpose enables cultural change as employees are more engaged in the process. What stops organisations from being purpose-led?
  • How does being a purpose driven organisation influence employee engagement and morale? How can you build it into the employee offer?
  • How do we align purpose with business strategies?
  • How do we embed values and make social impact a fundamental part of practice while preventing cult culture?

Wellbeing stream

  • 79% of employed adults commonly experience work- related stress and 43% employees lose sleep due to work-related stress. What’s the difference between stress and incompetence?
  • 67% of employees feel less connected to colleagues than they used to. How can you ensure employees are not isolated?
  • We know job security helps employees develop a sense of wellbeing. What impact will Covid-19 have?
  • How can we look after employee wellbeing during the return to work?
  • Employee habits and work environments affect employees.
  • Wellbeing and their outputs. Is this the responsibility of the organisation or the individual?
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