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2019 Conference and Awards
10th - 11th October 2019

Holiday Inn London Regent’s Park

Closing Date for Conference and Award Submissions: Friday 7th June

About the Big Nudge

Almost 10 years ago the UK formally introduced ‘nudging’ as a way to help people make better decisions. Since then, Behavioural Economics has become even more commonplace in our lives, present in the products we consume, the social media we love to use, and more. How can we translate these insights into the world of organisations and Business Psychology? Join us at 2019’s ABP Annual Conference to find out!

What is Behavioral Economics?

A field that aims to make realistic assumptions not only about people’s beliefs and preferences, but also about the process by which people make decisions, using psychological experimentation to unearth our biases and mental shortcuts .


ABP Workforce Experience Awards

The ABP’s Workforce Experience Awards offer a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in the application of Psychology in Business.

We are passionate in acknowledging the diversity of individuals, teams and professionals in this field and recognise the importance of sharing experiences and celebrating excellence across the spectrum of applied Business Psychology.

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Our streams







Behavioural economics meets People strategy

  • What examples are there of how nudging behaviour has helped achieve organisational goals?
  • What do leaders need to understand about the power of the ‘nudge’
  • What are the ‘quick wins’ organisations have already demonstrated by changing and shaping the context in which humans operate?
  • How can we learn from the examples and evidence of others to shortcut and inform clients of what to do?

Behavioural economics meets Employee life cycle

  • What examples of good practices are there?
  • What evidence is there that we can nudge and influence employees behaviour and perceptions? Is this a good thing?
  • What impact will and does this have on employee well being?
  • At what point in the life cycle can we have most impact?

Behavioural economics meets the consumer

  • How can work on company culture lead to an improvement in customer service and feedback?
  • What examples and evidence can be shared?
  • If we can influence customers behaviour, what are the ethics around this?
  • Is this overrated and just another ‘hot topic’ likely to go off the boil?
  • Do we as psychologists do enough to ensure the impact of our work is felt ‘at the coalface’?

Conference Speaker Slots are limited: Enter your submission to speak here. Closing date 6pm Friday 7th June

Pitch Competition

Last year, we introduced a pitching competition for the first time.  The feedback from the audience watching, the judges assessing but most importantly from those pitching was universally positive. We will therefore run this again in 2019.  We invite submissions to pitch to our conference audience of approximately 150 HR related professionals (possibly more this year as we move to a larger central London venue).  Closing date for pitch submissions Friday 7th June.

The pitch competition will run during our conference in the afternoon of Friday 11th October. We ask pitchers to prepare a 90 second pitch, after which the judges will ask and probe with 1-2 questions. The winner will get lunch with an HR tech investor. Whilst not guaranteed, the exposure last year also got our winner £2k of free marketing support.

Submit your pitching idea here.

We will select 6 pitchers to
take part on the day.

We look forward to putting
you on a stage!

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