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Guidance on writing an entry

We ask entrants to complete a Word document template.

Download template.

In advance of completing your entry you may find it helpful to read winners and finalists’ entries from previous a ABP Awards Programme, contained in the book ‘Delivering Excellent Workforce Experiences,’ available on Amazon.

When completing the entry form, enter the required information in each and all fields. Guidance is provided below.

Write your submission assuming no prior knowledge on the part of the readers; consider that the readers will not necessarily be business psychology practitioners.

webcast providing more information on how to write a winning entry is available here.  In this webcast Clodagh O’Reilly (former ABP Chair and Awards founder) talks through a presentation pack and explains how to write a winning entry.

What to include in your submission

Overall project summary

In this section, provide a high level introduction which reflects why your submission is relevant to the category in question and what made it a good example of effective business psychology in practice, generally.  You may also provide the industrial/organisational context for the submission.  This scene-setting project summary will not make up part of your rating, and should be no more than 100 words.

The Challenge

Your response to this section should include up to 400 words and provide answers to the following three questions:

  1. What was the opportunity/challenge that prompted this business psychology intervention (your work)?
  2. What evidence did you have to suggest that business psychology skills, tools, models or methods (approaches) would assist in addressing the opportunity/challenge?
  3. How did you convince appropriate stakeholders that you were able to successfully address the opportunity/challenge and plan to deliver this effectively?

Your Approach

Your response to this section should include up to 600 words and provide answers to the following three questions:

  1. What did you (or your team) do to improve or enhance the outcomes experienced by those involved? (Consider both your stakeholder management and project execution.)
  2. Which approaches were used to enhance your outcome and delivery value to your audience?
  3. What expectations were there regarding how the quality and success of the project was to be measured?

Outcome Evaluation

Your response to this section should include up to 500 words and provide answers to the following three questions:

  1. How did you demonstrate that you had met your objective/s, illustrating the quality, value and/or success of the work undertaken?
  2. What learning did you derive from this work and/or what might you do differently in future?
  3. How can you rule out other explanations for the outcomes you observed, i.e. that the result would not have occurred if you had not undertaken your work?

Remember to demonstrate rigour in the evaluation of the business psychology intervention described; the evidence that allowed a clear picture of the efficacy to emerge.  The methods or techniques applied and the outcome derived will be assessed on rigour of evidence and the strength of the science.

Supporting Content

You may include up to one page of visual/graphic materials within this document.  These materials must be clear and easy to read and understand.  The submission should be able to be considered and understood without reference to the visual/graphic materials however.


The Entrant/s named on the entry must have been materially responsible for the work.  It is appropriate to use acknowledgements to identify individuals who have contributed to the project but who would not be counted among those primarily responsible for the project.  This will be left to the discretion of Entrant, but we recommend considering whether others would agree that those submitting the entry were those primarily responsible for the work.

You may also elect to list more generally individual/s or party/ies that informed your approach, guided your thinking, enabled your success or otherwise impacted positively on the outcome that you achieved that have not already been mentioned in your submission. This could include creators of models or methods that you applied or modified, and so on.

Assessing your Entry

In the Assessment phase, entries will be rated against the following criteria:

Relevance to business  i.e. does the entry present a clear understanding of how the work addresses a relevant business challenge

Evidence of stakeholder engagement, e.g. consultation and/or partnership

Evidence of the application of business psychology, e.g. applying relevant and valid psychology approaches, theories or models

Evidence of effective project execution, e.g. clarity and monitoring against goals

Evidence of effective evaluation, e.g. relevant evaluation method applied

Extent of impact, considered in context of the original scope/objectives. For the category ‘Excellence in Using Psychology for Social Impact’, this criteria will explicitly assess impact on society.

Evidence of innovation:  e.g. a new application of traditional tools or use of an approach that had never been applied before.  Note that this score will only be used to assess the two innovation categories: Excellence in Applying Innovative Technology in Business Psychology, and The Judges’ Award for Innovation.

The sum across all relevant rating scales will determine an overall score to inform the short-listing process and overall winners.

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