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Anton Fishman

Anton Fishman

Anton Fishman has been a Board member of The ABP twice in the last 20 years and for the last two years has been convening judge for its Excellence Awards.  He has consulted widely with large and complex organisations since the mid-1980s on strategy formulation, identifying future leadership and talent and in organisational development.  His focus then shifted to enhancing the impact and effectiveness of HR Functions and more recently still to addressing the impact of emerging technologies on people, society and the workplace.

Originally an educational psychologist Anton obtained an MBA from Cranfield in 1985. He was a practice leader at Hay Group in the late ‘80s where he and his colleagues pioneered the development of the core people processes that underpinned the transformation of the Personnel function to HR. He subsequently established and ran the change management consultancy Regenesis in the ‘90s and then its business psychology offshoot Corporate Insights. Buying into the firm he joined the Board of Boyden Interim Management in 2006, now Alium Partners. In 2010 he co-founded Crowne Finch the HR Transformation consultancy helping establish it as a leading international provider of consulting and development services to the HR function itself.

As an ‘AI Educator’ he regularly chairs and speaks at conferences on the impact of AI and ML technologies on organisations and on the people who work in them in general and on the HR function in particular.

Anton is an advisory board member of a number of early stage start-ups utilising AI, ML and blockchain in the HR, talent and organisational effectiveness domains.


Session Synopsis

Session Title: The Impact of AI on the workplace and on the practice of Business Psychologists – Looking Back and Thinking Forward

The current capability of machine learning as it powers everyday consumer experiences, shapes public policy, and drives innovation and automation in the workplace was science fiction only 20 years ago at the founding of the ABP. Five years ago the ABP jointly with Oxford Brookes University organised one of the first conferences to explore the impact of these technologies on people and the workplace – topics still underexplored. This session will review emerging trends in the use and impact of AI and ML in the workplace, it will identify how this is likely to disrupt jobs, careers, skills, and the impact it will have for people’s engagement, motivation, learning and identity.  Finally the session will address the challenges of AI taking over the work of business psychologists, as well as the opportunities it creates to augment the practice of business psychologists.

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