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Ben Williams

Session Synopsis

Beyond Self Report: Neurological, Biological and Physiological Markers of Personality And The Use of These Assessment Methods in the Workplace

Self-report questionnaires are psychologist’s ‘go-to’ method for appraising people’s personality preferences; but they are not without their drawbacks. Whether it is differing levels of self-insight, an unwillingness to be truthful, alternative interpretations of the statements to be rated or other external influences such as temporary mood states; there are plenty of potential sources of error when using this technique to assess personality.

However, there is an alternative range of methodologies that do away with self-report and seem to do reasonably well at identifying these same traits, especially when paired with advanced predictive algorithms. Whether it be voice analysis, eye tracking, facial muscle movement recognition or the assessment of ‘micro-behaviours’ via the paradata gained from playing a game: could these methods be the answer to gain greater insight into people’s true personalities? And how might they be applied – and their use defended – in a workplace context?

Ben will present a selection of methods currently being touted for use in an organisational setting and review the strength of evidence for their use, along with an assessment of their practical usefulness.


Ben Williams

ABP Chair

Ben is an expert in the measurement of the mind. He owns and runs Sten10 Ltd, a firm that specialises in the design of people assessments such as psychometric tests, assessment centres and realistic job previews. His particular interest is exploring new ground – whether this relates to the psychological trait being assessed or the method by which this is done.

Ben is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the BPS and, as a member of the Board at the ABP, provides a specialist viewpoint on all things assessment-related as well as supporting the Communications subcommittee.

He has presented at numerous industry conferences on this topic as well as lecturing at Universities and hosting webinars upskilling aspiring new Occupational Psychologists.

Ben has worked at all levels in private, public and third sector organisations and therefore has a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Business Psychologists and HR Specialists who comprise the ABP Membership.

He is always keen to discuss assessment-related matters: please do drop him a line at:

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