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Christopher Roe

Christopher Roe

Christopher Roe is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, has been working in the built environment for 10 years. His work has focused on the office market, delivering transformation programmes to help occupiers and landlords maximise the potential of their assets.

Christopher’s experience spans public, private and third sectors organisations, transforming portfolios to meet operational and business objectives and aligning employees’ office experience with the cultural values organisations wish to embody.

His specialisms include:

  • Statistical modelling of usage and occupancy
  • Developing national office strategies
  • Office design
  • Facilities management
  • Landlord and Tenant negotiations
  • Launching new and closing old offices


Session Synopsis

Flexible working was promised as one of the triumphs the 21st Century would deliver, releasing workers from their desks and the 9-5 grind, whilst optimising office requirements and space efficiency.  Yet despite advances in technology and culture the majority of professionals have remained at their desks, stuck in an office-centric disequilibrium of dependency.

Covid-19 has seen a dramatic shift in society and our understanding of where and how we work. Whilst the short term has seen desks replaced by kitchen tables and boardrooms for video calls, when Covid leaves what sort of workplace will it leave behind and is this the market shock flexible working has been waiting for?

Claire Colgan and Christopher Roe are part of the Turner & Townsend workplace change team that helps global business and local organisations align their workplace to the needs of the business and its people. They will be talking about their experience of working with organisations, the impacts and challenges of a flexible workforce.

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