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Dr Sylvana Storey

Dr Sylvana Storey

Dr Sylvana Storey, CEO of Global Organizational Integrators, is a recognised business psychologist with 20 years experience as an organisational development and change consultant provocateur.  She is credited for her expertise in designing and leading multiple behavioural transformation strategies and interventions globally.

Sylvana authored ‘The Impact of Diversity on Global Leadership Performance: LEAD³ published by Palgrave Macmillan and soon to be published, ‘HEY CEO, NO!’ published by HBR. She is a contributory author of Business Psychology in Practice, Business Psychology in Action and soon to be published ‘Organizations Unfolding’ in 50:50 –Scenarios for the next 50 years’ published by Fast Future. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and sits on the Development Board at Durham University.


Session Synopsis

Diversity is a stat; Inclusion is an act!

Though Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a relatively new theoretical area and commercial function, the last fifteen years has seen its ideas and models gather pace.

However, the goals and actions behind the theory, models and data are not always embedded nor, have they been sustainable.  More troubling, D&I practices have not translated equitably to those from diverse backgrounds. Certainly not to the extent of making any impactful difference!

My session will offer an integrated approach to D&I.  It will delve into the more pressing areas and uncomfortable conversations that D&I will need to address and engage with, if as a function, it is to make a successful and sustainable impact in our organizations. I will focus on the thornier aspects of D&I – culture, leadership, behavioural diversity and intersectionality – and provide real life examples to provide evidence of the gap between our current reality and the future.

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