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Sheila Panchal

Sheila Panchal

Sheila Panchal (CPsychol, MISCPAccred) is a Business Psychologist with 20 years of experience working across a range of sectors. She specialises in transition coaching, and is co-editor of ‘Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives’ with Professor Stephen Palmer (2011).


Session Synopsis

Title: Applying coaching psychology within the COVID-19 Context: Developing INSIGHTS©

Prof Stephen Palmer, Dr Siobhain O’Riordan & Sheila Panchal

The novel coronavirus has initiated an unprecedented global transition and this paper reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on individuals’ wellbeing within a coaching psychology context. It also considers the INSIGHT (Palmer & Panchal, 2011 a,b) model of transition resilience to offer ideas and strategies that can help promote wellbeing during this challenging time.  The  COVID-19  pandemic  has  had  an  impact  upon  all  levels  of  a  nation  state,  from  the  people,  organisations  and  communities  to  the  health,  activity and wellbeing of the whole country, including the short and  long-term  financial  implications  of  countries  in  lockdown (Palmer, Panchal & O’Riordan, 2020; Panchal, Palmer, O’Riordan, 2020).

During this session we will also explore ways we might leverage coaching psychology techniques, interventions and approaches that have been successfully applied in many other transition coaching situations, such as mid-life, becoming a new parent, or within executive and leadership coaching.



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