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Stewart Desson

Session Synopsis

COVID-19, Personality and Well-being

We are all aware of how significant the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been across all sectors of work, and the impact it has had on people’s lives.

Over 3,000 people (and rising!) globally have supported our research into the impact of the pandemic and the global response, investigating what changes these factors may be having on personality and EQ at work.

Our aim is to help Line managers, HR and Practitioners better understand the impact on, and needs of, the individuals, teams and organisations that they support.

If you have not already, you may wish to complete the 20 minute Covid-19 research questionnaire yourself and/or share it with colleagues:

Our research shows that in the last six months the current COVID-19 crisis:

Changed the context in which we live and work
Changed our thoughts
Changed our feelings/emotions
Changed our everyday behaviour
Changed our response to pressure

The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are? Or will we “flip back” to how we were if a vaccine is found?

Stewart Desson

Stewart is the CEO of international learning and development company, Lumina Learning. His focus is to ‘transform organisations through transforming their people’. Stewart has developed a wide range of learning resources and web-based psychometrics, including the renowned personality tool Lumina Spark. Through Lumina Learning, Stewart supports clients from around the world in the customisation of these learning resources to achieve effective change at the organisational, team and individual level.

Stewart is a highly experienced Business Psychologist and Organisational Development consultant, having worked in the field for over fifteen years. His special areas of expertise include Team effectiveness, Communication, Personal Development, Executive Coaching and Leadership skill development. Stewart began his career in Operational Research at British Airways, later becoming a Senior Manager running BA’s Customer Services Change Programme. It was at BA that his passion for leadership development began, as well as his interest in the use of psychometrics to support change processes.

Stewart has two Masters, one in ‘Operational Research’ and the second in ‘Change Agent Skills and Strategies’. He is a Fellow of the CIPD and joined the Management Board of the ABP in 2012 and is responsible for organising the monthly local events held in London.

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