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Awards Book - With Margin

The ABP is proud to announce the publication of their first Awards-based publication: “Delivering Excellent Workforce Experiences”.

The ABP’s Workforce Experience Awards programme serves to set clear and high standards for both psychologists and non-psychologists applying business psychology in organisations.

This Awards book contains evidence that good business psychology can and does make a positive and meaningful impact in organisations.

Over 40 case studies on the topics of assessment, leadership, coaching, change, diversity, engagement and more bring today’s practice of business psychology to life in an accessible format.


Readers of the book have said:

“New to the subject or an old hand it makes for one of the best ‘work based reading’ books I have on the bookshelf and find myself referring to it or referencing it often.”

“I found this book really inspiring. Seeing how people in the Business Psychology space have helped their clients to overcome challenges, find solutions to their problems and achieve tangible business benefits made for an interesting, educational and uplifting read.”

“This is a really great overview of real projects happening in the world of Business Psychology at the moment. There really is no other resource which provides such a structured summary of what’s really going on out there. I love how it is structured, with an overview, the challenge, the approach and the outcome for each project. It shows how we as professionals can improve our quality and standards if we adopt an end-to-end approach to business psychology.”

“I am constantly referencing the case studies in the book with my clients. They really demonstrate the value that business psychology can offer individuals and organisations. The book provides examples of best practice which have informed my practice and challenges me to enhance what I deliver.”

The book is online and available to buy now via Amazon Kindle and on the Kindle app.

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