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Words of advice from the ABP Workforce Excellence Award Winners 2017 to inspire your successful award application!

The ABP rewards every year outstanding work in business psychology. We are honoured to celebrate and share this work with our members. At our conference delegates can connect, listen and interact with shortlisted award finalists through our round table section. Every year we invite new members, work colleagues and networking connections to submit their amazing projects. So, if you’ve used psychology in business in any project or work which could be assessment, performance, change management, training, coaching or any innovative work we would like to hear more. Enter your work for review by our amazing panel of judges, and you could be a winner for 2018!

We talked to our 2017 winners to gather tips, advice and recommendations to help write a submission. In addition, we were curious to know more about what has happen in their careers, brands and work following the award.


Rules for a successful award application:

Nicola Jones & Jane Armytage, Athena Professional winners of Excellence in Coaching and/or Training, said:

  • Read the submission form carefully alongside the assessment criteria to make sure you understand what you are required to do.
  • Tell your project story; write and edit carefully to meet the criteria and word count.
  • Show evidence of impact using the measures you designed as part of your project to generate qualitative and quantitative data. Use visuals e.g. tables and graphs to reduce word count and remember you can put some evidence in the supporting material.
  • Put long quotes or extracts of your work in the supporting material.


Rose Padfield, The Padfield Partnership winner in Excellence in Change Management, said:

  • You have nothing to lose so definitely apply!
  • Tie back your project to the psychology and demonstrate the results through that.
  • Use simple language and avoid jargon. Don’t be too technical – not all judges are psychologists.
  • If you have a chance, talk to people that have submitted in previous years and get their advice!
  • It’s a great exercise to think about what, why and how and the results of your project.


Rebecca Milner, Arup winner in Excellence in Wellbeing, Health & Inclusiveness and ABP Chair’s Award for Excellence in Business Psychology, advised:

  • Ensuring you can demonstrate the impact of your work.
  • Not rushing!!! It took time to ensure we submitted a concise entry, in-line with the criteria.
  • Articulate the context and challenge faced concisely, and ensure you focus on what you did as a business psychologist;
  • Have confidence and go for it! Be proud of the work you have completed.


Key benefits of winning an ABP award:

Nicola Jones & Jane Armytage, Athena Professional winners of Excellence in Coaching and/or Training, said:

  • Powerful branding advertising;
  • Credibility among clients and professionals;
  • Prospective story to tell clients;
  • Encouraged to submit to other awards and be recognised in different association boards.


Rose Padfield, The Padfield Partnership winner in Excellence in Change Management, said:

  • Content for monthly newsletter;
  • Great feedback from clients;
  • Invited to talk for an organisation which happen to know my work from the ABP conference.


So what have you got to lose? Submit and you could be the winner!  For further advice, click here for more tips on how to write a great submission.

You can also view some of our 2017 Award Winners talking about their work here


Good luck to all applicants! The deadline for entries is 6pm on Monday 11th June 2018.


Special thanks to Nicola Jones, Jane Armytage, Rose Padfield and Rebecca Milner for your words of wisdom. It really makes a massive difference to share your advice – thank you!

Tais Lopes de Queiroz

Lead Marketing ABP Conference 2018

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