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David Sharpley is a leadership development expert and experienced organisational psychologist. In an absorbing discussion with Rob Feltham, David draws on his own extensive experience and research, and shares valuable insights into what distinguishes healthy organisations from unhealthy and self-destructive ones, examples of the latter being UK Post Office and RBS. David is critical of widely shared assumptions about what successful leadership and successful business looks like. He takes aim, for example, at simplistic notions of charismatic and transformational leadership, and challenges primitive theories of motivation. David draws particular attention to the role of Superordinate Principles as the foundation for effective leadership and in enabling organisational alignment and consistent high-quality execution.

David has a considerable track-record in the design and implementation of senior management/leadership development, and in support of this he has developed the Pario online resources, which include surveys, 360 feedback, and work-preference profiling. His experience includes collaboration with JCS Investments in Ghana, facilitating new business and developing capability. Significant UK initiatives include work with BT, the financial sector, FTSE 250 companies, the NHS, and leading charities. David has also run Master-Class workshops on Competency Profiling & Assessment in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok. His lecturing experience at Warwick University (WMG) has explored issues relating to Organizations, People, and Performance.  

Call for Collaboration: David is currently piloting a new tool called the Team Index. It is a ‘180 degree feedback’ (or survey) tool for managers/team leaders and people in the team. David has undertaken initial validation, is developing it further, and is keen to partner with organisations interested in future-focused development. The tool supports leadership development, highlighting key factors that impact on peoples’ motivation and commitment. David welcomes discussion with business psychologists and others who would like to access the questionnaires and reports.

About the book:

Sharpley, D. (2024), Leadership Principles and Purpose: Developing Leadership Effectiveness and Future-Focused Capability, Routledge. (20% discount code SMA22 on Routledge site to 31/07/24)  

Rob Feltham is Podcast Editor of The ABP.

Listen to “Episode 42: Vision and values are not enough – A conversation with David Sharpley, author of Leadership Principles and Purpose” on Spreaker.

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