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Live Webinar Part 2 – Research to Practice: ABP Student Award Winners’ Showcase


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  • September 30, 2019
  • Monday, 1PM to 2PM

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Live Webinar Part 2 – Research to Practice: ABP Student Award Winners’ Showcase

Monday, 1PM to 2PM
September 30, 2019


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Live Webinar Part 2 – Research to Practice: ABP Student Award Winners’ Showcase

Monday, 1PM to 2PM
September 30, 2019


Please Note: If you are an ABP member or a member of an ABP accredited university and wish to attend, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

The session will kick off with a presentation by student award winner Rachel Foord on the topic of performance appraisals, specifically work-related feedback. This will follow with a brief review by Eric Barends, Managing Director of CEBMa, before sharing his expertise and offering some key insights in the application of evidence-based management.


FEEDBACK AS A GIFT: An Exploration of the Psychological Impact of Work-Related Feedback Experiences.

Rachel will provide a summary of her research which explored the psychological impact of receiving feedback at work and its relevance for developing effective feedback practices in organisational settings.  She will present a qualitative study uncovering lived experiences of people receiving feedback at work across a variety of occupations, explained through a thematic framework proposing four distinct but interrelated psychological processes: feedback cognitions, feedback emotions and feelings, post-feedback strategies and post-feedback outcomes.  She will also provide her insights into the critical role of the feedback giver in influencing psychological impact and recommendations for maximising their effectiveness using an evidence-based model.


Rachel Foord, Student Award Winner 2018

Rachel is an independent work psychology practitioner and development coach specialising in leadership development, feedback practices and neurodiversity. She holds an MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology and a BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management with Psychology with 15 years HR experience in IT and Outsourcing and 10 years coaching and training practice. To date Rachel has been nominated for an Indigo Work Psychology Award in February 2019 and awarded the ABP 2018 Student Excellence Award for research into work-related feedback experiences.



Eric Barends, Managing Director at CEBMa

Eric Barends is the managing director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa). He has twenty years of management experience, fifteen years at the senior management level, including five years as an executive. He advises and coaches managers, senior leaders, and executive boards of large and medium sized companies and non-profit organizations on evidence-based decision-making. In addition, he frequently runs training courses on this topic and serves as a visiting lecturer at several universities and business schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, New York University and Australian National University.


These webinars are ideal for I-O researchers who would like some grounding in understanding audiences and defining impacts of their research. Additionally, early business psychologists through to skilled practitioners wanting to better understand how to 1) appraise evidence to ascertain relevance for practice and 2) transfer knowledge from research to practice, would also benefit greatly.

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