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Organisational Network Analysis (ONA): The Future of People Analytics

  • 12 November 2021
  • Friday, 10:00AM to 17:00PM

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Organisational Network Analysis (ONA): The Future of People Analytics

Friday, 10:00AM to 17:00PM
12 November 2021


Organisational Network Analysis (ONA): The Future of People Analytics

Friday, 10:00AM to 17:00PM
12 November 2021


We are pleased to bring back the 1-day ONA workshop which was a huge success in early 2020. This is an in-person event, that offers plenty of material and food for though to help practitioners identify the real networks and relationship dynamics within organisations. Run by Marcus Gee, the session will cover an in-depth introduction to organisational network analysis, a cutting-edge analysis and development tool to provide insight into real workplace relationships and organisational structure.

What the course is about:

ONA is a way to identify the hidden informal networks and relationships between individuals, the ‘social capital’ of an organisation. ONA also helps individuals understand their ‘Social Quotient’ – their own social capital and style within an employee network.
Above and beyond the individualistic approach to performance, ONA is the next generation of psychometric, a ‘sociometric’ tool to identify hidden talent/HiPos, dissolve silos, improve collaboration, increase knowledge transfer, cultivate innovation, improve team and individual performance, manage change, and plan succession.
Recent research of OD, L&D and HR leaders shows that ONA is the People Analytic trend that they want to learn most about and believe is most practical, compared to other trends such as EQ, recruitment analytics and game-based assessment.

This workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in understanding and utilising ONA as People Analytics, OD, L&D and HR tool.
On completion of this workshop you will have a better understanding of:
1) what ONA is.
2) the importance of organisational networks.
3) Social Capital and the Social Quotient.
4) how to run an ONA project.
5) how to achieve organisational objectives with ONA.

Facilitator Details: Marcus is an Organisational Psychologist with Mentis Consulting, and began his career working at UCL with one of the world’s most renowned Organisational Psychologists and Practitioners, Professor Adrian Furnham.
Marcus is a subject matter expert in the areas of sociometrics, psychometrics and personality psychology and has trained over 200 people in the use of Hogan Personality Assessments. He has extensive experience of applying psychology with large organisations across the UK, Europe, MENA and APAC.
Marcus has co-authored a number of book chapters and peer reviewed academic articles, on topics as diverse as HR Analytics, Employee Motivation, Body Language, Mental Health, and Statistics.
Marcus is a Practitioner with the ABP and holds certificates in a variety of psychometric tools and their applications; including BPS Level A + P; Hogan Level 1 + Advanced Practitioner; and NEO.
Marcus’ current areas of research interest include organisational network analysis (ONA) and corporate psychopathy.

Marcus Gee

Business Psychologist and Management Consultant

Marcus Gee (PABP) | LinkedIn


We make every effort to minimise any disruptions to scheduled training events. While we are aware of the unpredictability that has been experienced globally due to the pandemic, we are hopeful that we will be able to host this workshop as an in-person event. However, should circumstances change and we can no longer host an in-person event, the workshop will be offered as a virtual session on the scheduled date. We plan to give all registered participants at least a 14-day notice, or what is realistically possible should any logistical changes need to be made to the session.

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