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The Changing Face of Coaching driven by Millennials/GenZ

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  • May 11, 2021
  • Tuesday, 18:00PM to 20:00PM

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The Changing Face of Coaching driven by Millennials/GenZ

Tuesday, 18:00PM to 20:00PM
May 11, 2021


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The Changing Face of Coaching driven by Millennials/GenZ

Tuesday, 18:00PM to 20:00PM
May 11, 2021



Dr. Peggy Marshall, CMBC, Global IOC Founder, Research Fellow University of Wales

Dr. Ursula Clidiere, CBC, Global IOC Faculty, University of Geneva


Coaching is approaching new generations on two fronts – Millennials/GenZ clients and 3rd Generation Coaching. This session will explore how Business Coaching approaches both.


Business Coaching has over the years experienced significant growth and recognition in its own right as a coaching discipline, with a track record of achieving objectives, ensuring accountability, and accomplishing sustainable results (Blackman, Moscardo, & Gray, 2016).


Coaching had its “First Generation” origins in goal orientated performance in sports. It then ventured not only into other areas of support but also evolved to “Second Generation” – concentrating on areas around possible solutions and appreciative dialogues.  Coaching’s “Third Generation” then emerged, where self-reflection is a basic condition with a window on transformative learning, fruitful, and genuine dialogues.


Enter now the influence of Millennials and Gen Z, the quickly expanding client population with their own generational cohort traits, capabilities, and needs. There is an opportunity for continued expansion of Coaching but this will depend on the interest, availability, accessibility and the belief in the value of coaching for younger people, especially Millennials and Gen Z


The absence of career structures, not to mention COVID-19, is putting increasing pressures on younger professionals who are facing difficult choices in a less forgiving environment. This clearly defines a need and a different market.


Coaching continues to be often seen as the privilege of more senior level professionals, and its accessibility to younger professionals is limited due to availability and affordability.   It should address the problems of this image and make more effort to understand cohort traits and build more relevant client relationships, thus meeting the needs of future Millennial and Gen Z cohort leaders.


This session will review how the discipline of coaching can successfully evolve and remain a meaningful and available resource for the 21st Century.  It will be interactive and will be of special interest to Millennials/Gen Z, with open sharing of work experience across a range of disciplines (academia, sports, business, …).

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