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Book Club – Psychological Assessment in the Workplace: a Manager’s Guide

Speaker: Dr. Barry Cripps, Psychologist and Author In technical terms, psychometrics is an aspect of psychology that looks at the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests so that specific psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, motivation and personality can be measured. Measurement, however, indicates some kind of correlation against a standard. As profile assessments…


Recruitment and Talent Management, Science or Art?

Speaker: Julie Towers, Managing Director of Penna PLC, and Ann Hartley, Head of Assessment Has Business Psychology an important role in the process? It can be argued that technology has developed to the extent that any further incremental advances will add little additional value to the recruitment and selection process: VR and AR are tools…

Free – £18.00

Test and Questionnaire Design Masterclass

This webinar offers a deep-dive into one of our most popular topics on the Practical People Assessment Course: Test and Questionnaire Design. By allowing double the time, we combine coverage of aptitude test, personality questionnaire and SJT design, as well as having plenty of time for discussion. Run by Ben Williams, former Chair of the…

£75.00 – £225.00

Book Club – The Future of Recruitment: a Manager’s Guide to using Talent Analytics

Speaker: Dr. Franziska Leutner, Lecturer. Goldsmiths, University of London, and Director, Innovation Assessment, HireVue Recruitment is where organisations are shaped and careers are made, leaving a profound impact on organisations, individual careers, and society as a whole. The Future of Recruitment helps everybody interested in the world of work to understand the past, present, and…


Assessment Centre Design Masterclass

This webinar offers a deep-dive into one of our most popular topics on the Practical People Assessment Course: Assessment Centre Design. By allowing double the time, we are able to cover the creation of an Assessment Centre framework and the full range of exercise types you might need to create, as well as having plenty…

£75.00 – £225.00

LinkedIn – Get With It

Speaker: Mark Williams, ETN LinkedIn Training LinkedIn is changing. Once the boring 'Grandad of social media sites' it has now come alive and a new breed of users are seeing huge benefits from their time on the site. * Activity on LinkedIn is 19% up on the same period last year and is now estimated…

Free – £18.00

Bringing Behavioural Science to the World of Marketing

Speaker: Kate Waters, Director, Client Strategy and Planning, ITV The ‘new’ science behind the advertising on our screens Marketing has long been thought of as more ‘art’ than ‘science’, but over the last decade, many academics and practitioners have been gradually building the evidence base for effective marketing, drawing on theories from consumer psychology and…

Free – £18.00

Open House Networking Event

Join us for a member networking session, where we would like you to join us to discuss topics in breakout groups. It’s your opportunity to meet other members, get an update on what’s happening at the ABP, and to feedback on all things business psychology. We look forward to welcoming you!


Corporate Member Certification

Steve Apps, Head of Certification will present an overview of the ABP Certification programme for corporate members who are considering certification. This event is primarily for Corporate members, however individuals are welcome to join us. Please join us on Friday 24 June at 9:00am We look forward to welcoming you!  


ABP AGM 2022 – Keynote Speaker Dr. Alan Redman

The AGM is a great time for the Association’s members to get together with the members of the Management Board to reflect on what we’ve achieved and offer input to plans for the year/s ahead. We can’t underestimate our individual potential to have an impact on our industry – and for all Business Psychology practitioners…

New Member Welcome Session

The sessions are designed to help new members understand our values and our goals as an Association as well to brief them practically on all the wonderful opportunities we have to engage and work with each other. One of the questions we will be asking our new members is why they joined.  Feel free to…


“Winning Together”, depicting a truly inspiring partnership on and off the field.

Speakers: Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh, Multiple medal winners and Authors In Winning Together, Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh, share powerful lessons from the Great Britain women's hockey team journey to gold in Rio 2016. They show how to create a winning culture in any environment, in any industry, so that you and your teammates can thrive.…

Free – £18.00
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