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Maintaining Engagement and Control of Your Business When Nothing Appears to be Going to Plan

11 February 2021 at 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

The ABP and Engage4Success collaborated in promoting a highly successful event in January 2019 and 2020.  Not wishing to be defeated by the pandemic and the need to be uplifted during midwinter, the ABP and E4S are pleased to be able to collaborate once again.

The consequences of the current crisis presents challenges for us all but when these present multiple issues of control and engagement, it can be disproportionately difficult to maintain an adequate level of focus and motivation.  Although a important component, broader issues than remote working need to be addressed.  A recent FT article highlighted a case study involving a small retail business which depended on specialist technical support: no longer able to afford this directly, alternative solutions had to be found for engaging in different ways.  Maintaining trust and motivation are a key element of this: this session will explore similar solutions and lay the groundwork for engaging in clear positive thinking.

It requires inclusive authentic leadership to support teams and a positive mindset, taking a strategic overview and challenging short cuts in thinking.

Of particular interest will be the opportunity to hear how business psychology and employee engagement can come together to deliver a positive solution to seemingly intractable problems, especially in remote working.

The event will involve thought-provoking inputs from our speakers and opportunities to share experiences and ideas with other participants.

Richard Ferguson runs the consultancy Kili Consulting which focuses on inspiring and motivating organisations, functions, teams and individuals to build a brighter future with an emphasis on external perspective and values which are fit for purpose.  Built on the foundations of over 20 years working with blue chip clients from around the world, they motivate and inspiring people to be the best they want to be.

Many of us are weary of our new routine: Richard will encourage us to take a fresh look at ourselves and our organisations.

Mark Hammond and Jen Martin from The Hive will look at issues of building trust and vulnerability and how this can lead to commitment and engagement.  Vulnerability is not to be confused with weakness: it is “the emotion experienced during a time of risk and uncertainty”.  Vulnerability in practice can have individual characteristics and situational characteristics which will determine our susceptibility to vulnerability.

The micromoment conversations in the office and around the coffee machine, the quick questions, the fostering of connections and use of face to face engagement all help to get fuller commitment from employees.  It is hard enough to maintain a powerful positive momentum in a face to face situation but how can these be replicated in a partial or fully remote working situation?

Sandy WIlkie, Head of Organisational Effectiveness for Greenhill UK

Sandy Wilkie is based in Manchester and has worked in a range of private & public sector environments, including 3 NHS organisations.   His speciality is dealing with performance management issues, where issues of control arise regularly on a day to day basis. These can arise from obvious external factors such as those we all currently face and less transparent internal factors.

He will talk about his experiences of different issues which are major contributors to “control”, including improving employee engagement, the patient experience and developing values to enhance culture, especially important in the current disruptive climate.

Proactive engagement is an important element and Sandy will discuss how this helps to cement an engagement strategy across different functions, which in turn is aimed at improving health at work, productivity and reducing staff turnover.

This will be a lively and participative event, highly informative, with much to take away and apply.


11 February 2021
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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