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ABP Awards Finalists – 2021

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the ABP Awards!


The purpose of the Awards are to Celebrate Excellence in Business Psychology.

The ABP Awards offer a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in Business Psychology.  Whilst many awards programmes exist in the field of Human Resources generally, and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Awards focus on demonstrating how applying an understanding of the science of human behaviour can impact workforce experience and deliver commercial and practical value to organisations.

The finalists listed below have been judged to have been able to demonstrate the commercial and practical value of a Business Psychology intervention for an individual, group or organisation.

Finalists are announced by category, in alphabetical order.

A ‘day in the life’ of a Neighbourhood Police Officer Police Now, supported by Amberjack


Developing a bespoke assessment solution to help embed the Edgewell values in People Managers

Saville Assessment

TUI’s all-inclusive assessment, powered by Sova

Sova Assessment

An Animated Situational Judgement Test with Unlocked Graduates – Life as a Prison Officer


Identifying Potential in an Increasingly Digitalised World, Where the Only Constant is Change: Amberjack’s HiPo-i Tool


Creating and Validating an Image-Based Measure of the Big Five

Goldsmiths, University of London

Mosaic Personality Tasks: a breakthrough in personality assessment

Mosaic Assessment Ltd

Assessing leadership complexity, potential and performance for partner, director and executive roles though eclectic assessment methodologies


AI-driven behavioural assessment of soft skill impressions through automatic video analysis

Vima Link SA

Assessing for Potential: An Inclusive Approach


Video Interviewing, Algorithmic Scoring, and Game-Based Assessment: An approach to support equity for autistic job candidates

Colorado State University

Driving profit and increasing diversity through improved predictive validity of global sales recruitment

Mosaic Consulting

Championing the potential of our colleagues; a new approach to identifying diverse talent within NatWest Group

NatWest Bank

BT Graduates – Achieving the Pinnacle: Comprehensive Performance Prediction & Proven End-to-End Fairness Across Candidate Groups


On the right track: Using change management to form an integrated team culture in High Speed 2’s complex capital project


Applying Behavioural Science to Change Behaviours & Reduce Inequalities in Cancer Early

Caja Ltd

GSK Interventions Design Lab – pioneering human-centric change and succeeding in a complex landscape

North Highland

Human-centric change – enabling the creation of two global, future ready organisations

North Highland

Athena Professional and LawNet

Athena Professional

noodle – digital bite-size learning for managers

Gooding & Wood Limited

Lumina-Emotion Qualification – Taking a Blended Learning Approach

Lumina Learning

Lumina-Spark Qualification – Responding to Covid-19 with a Blended Virtual Qualification

Lumina Learning

Doing leadership development differently: how we are building the culture we want in a growing organisation (through a pandemic)

Atkins SNC-Lavalin

Leadership Development: An experiential adaptable (virtual & in person) process to drive sustainable behaviour change across individuals, teams and organisation

Leader Conversations

Coaching and mentoring to help young leaders navigate social inequalities and biases to achieve success in their careers

Inemmo and Lumina Learning

Addressing the real issues facing hybrid teams today through psychological safety

Mindtrail Ltd

Supporting students to secure placements and graduate roles, by increasing their confidence, knowledge and overall employability

SRS Recruitment and Employability Experts

Our Approach to Monitoring D&I and Continuous Improvements – Police Now with Amberjack


GSK – Reimagining how we support our people to thrive in a global pandemic


Perspectives – How could you be the difference?

David Houchin

Empowering young people to embrace their diversity and achieve career success – developing strategies to navigate social inequalities and biases

Inemmo and Lumina Learning

A&O supported by Amberjack – Assessing the Lawyer of the Future, a diverse and inclusive assessment process


Psychological Safety as an Enabler for Inclusive Culture


Not Your Usual Unconscious Bias Training: Reducing bias in people decisions with an evidence-based approach

Athinka Ltd.

Fairness First – Excellence in Engagement and Employee Experience.

The People Deal

Neuro-Connect: Providing healthy, inclusive environments for Neurodiversity and Mental Health


Defeating stress and boosting well-being through Positive Resilience at a global real estate giant


Offering a holistic health & wellbeing offering to staff at the YMCA

YMCA England & Wales (H2t) – an online person-centred planning and outcomes recording tool Ltd

From employer-centric to jobseeker-centric – an innovative approach putting Business Psychology in the service of Vulnerable, Marginalised, and Underserved Populations

ALiGN by OTEC, Ryerson Magnet and Lumina Learning

Journey to Composure – A digital way to manage Overextensions

Lumina Learning

Spark-Coach – A digital coaching tool for the 21st Century and Beyond

Lumina Learning

Building Security Cultural Awareness through integrating Business Psychology, Neuroscience and Robotics in an Organisational Culture

Maha Chehab

Transforming a Major Rail Infrastructure Business to Lead on the Net Zero Carbon Agenda


Where the steel hits the rail: Preparing leaders to deliver a sustainability strategy and transform the UK rail network


Coaching, mentoring, and L&D supporting the real ‘Levelling Up’ agenda – helping underserved & marginalised communities achieve social mobility and equity

Inemmo and Lumina Learning

Taking a LEAP: A Kindness Initiative

Project Leap

The PCL Student Sponsorship Programme – Supporting the Next Generation of Business Psychologists

Psychological Consultancy Ltd

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