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This is an application of psychology to those in obvious difficulty, people who are approaching debt charities and other help agencies.

There’s an application that is probably more mainstream for ABP members, around the areas of wellbeing at work, and compensation and benefits.

There is increasing focus on wellbeing, including financial wellbeing – even among areas such as banking, which are often thought of as immune to any financial issues (

Using an adaptation of the model gives a practical way to implement the ideas that the Bank charity wants to see. And many in the compensation and benefits areas include the pension scheme (and advice about it) and an Employee Assistance Program that covers stress, mental illness and so on – but in general they fail to integrate these with the other elements described in the article.

All three, charity work with those in debt, the maintenance of wellbeing and engagement, and the provision of a comprehensive benefits package are areas that business psychologists are in a good position to advise on.

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