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Networking 2-01

Event report, North West Group

On Monday 15th April the North West ABP group heard from two great speakers who had a very different approach to networking.  Sean Heneghan and Angie Ingman, both Occupational Psychologists and successful independent practionners, shared their insights and secrets to networking and how to promote yourself and your business.

In Part 2 of this Event Report, we here from Angie Ingman.

Angie Ingman: Networking. It’s only meeting people

Angie, in addition to running her own business Framework Business Consultancy; is a Chartership supervisor for the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology.  Like Sean, she believes in face-to-face over electronic communication, but also that networking aids are an essential tool for those who may not have the charisma to rely exclusively on personal attributes to networking.  Also, in sales, networking is part of the sales pitch.

Preparation is vital

Preparation is vital, and networking demands appropriate preparation.  Decide on the most appropriate dress code for the situation.

Use the Unique Appeal Pitch to prepare for your networking events.  What will make the other person remember you?

  • Innate aptitude:  Extrovert, analytical or introspective?
  • Developed personal strengths: Patience, resourcefulness, consistency
  • Technical skills:  Accreditation, psychologist areas of discipline, Chartership
  • People skills: Responsiveness, insight, cooperation

Use Icebreakers to build rapport quickly

  • Make your name memorable
  • Carry/wear a talking point
  • Be prepared for the “elevator pitch” if you are in someone’s company for a short period
  • Small talk – more than just the weather! Be interesting.  This can be effective when used sparingly but be sensitive to the reactions of others
  • Humour.  For most people this is very effective but again use sparingly
  • Do some research and have some facts about yourself ready to share with others.  How are you different?
  • Be provoking.  What sort of impact do you want to make?

Any thing else?

  • Prepare and deliver a one minute pitch about yourself.  Keep it simple and avoid complicated language. Have information about yourself or your organisation.  Use business cards, brochures, barcode readers, websites and social media
  • Find out about others you meet. Testimonials provide information about who they are and what people are prepared to give.
  • Network with others with different skills.  Try to work together and build up a relationship with others using variety.  In this way some surprising niches may open up. But remain focused on using your personal strengths which you should use as your personal agenda.
  • Most new business comes from referrals.  Use clients, colleagues, friends hairdressers, accountants, and anyone else!

…So prepare, get out there, talk to people and follow up!


About the speaker

Angie 2-01Angie is a Chartered Psychologist (Occupational) with a strong commercial sales background.  She began her career in sales before embarking on her psychology degrees.  After working in L&D within Royal Mail Angie founded Framework Consultancy.

Angie has designed and facilitated both recruitment and development assessment centres, identifying rising stars and emerging leaders, using various methodologies in both private and public sectors, in the UK and the Middle East. Within the training arena, Angie has designed and delivered programmes for clients such as: Serco plc. BSS Group, Thermo Fisher, Drive Assist, NHS, Royal Mail and many Government departments. Angie also supported Network Rail employees through a behavioural change management process, addressing behaviours to improve performance at all levels.

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