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By Debbie Hance


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ABP Connections is a searchable directory enabling members and the general public to find Business Psychology Practitioners.

Linking people who have common interests or connecting clients with individuals who can provide a specific service, ABP Connections  is a benefit of being a part of the ABP and is available to all levels of membership.

General Members (including Student Members) can find people with similar interests and backgrounds, search for research partners, mentors, coaches or colleagues for peer reviews.  You can also express your interest in gaining work experience through volunteering or interim opportunities and reach out to the membership for support in your journey to experienced Business Psychology Practitioner.

Practitioners can list their areas of expertise, industry sector experience and specialisms in the directory which can then be searched by the wider public who may be looking to access services provided by Business Psychology experts.

How to complete your profile

If you have not already completed your profile for ABP Connections, do it now!  The process is simple and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

  1. Click on the ‘Services’ tab at the top of the page and select the first option, ABP Connections
  2. On the last bullet point after “Members, to log in and update your profile”, click on “click here”. You will be taken to the login page for iMIS, which is the members’ area of our website
  3. Enter your login name and password.  These would have been sent to you in an email from our administrative team at the end of May 2013.  There are buttons for ‘forgotten logon’ and ‘forgotten password’ if you no longer have this e-mail
  4. Complete the fields on the next screen. The first four show some basic information as held in the ABP database; changing these will change the information in the database so you can update these yourself when, for instance, you change jobs or move to a different organisation
  5. Populate the rest of the fields with information about your contact preferences (what do you want people to get in touch about?  How should they get in touch?), your education and memberships and affiliations.
  6. Under the section ‘Expertise and Interests’, you can show your areas of specialism and describe your scope of work; tick the ‘expert’ column if you have significant experience (perhaps 5 years plus) and can be seen as an authority in this area.  Use the ‘Experienced’ column if you have a good degree of experience in this area and can work unsupervised.  Select ‘Interest’ if you are seeking to learn more in this field, or where you have some knowledge but still need supervision or support to work in this area.  You do not need to select one of the three boxes for every area, you can leave them blank if it is an area you really don’t touch on.
  7. Finally, tick the boxes for all the industry sectors in which you have experience and could confidently offer your services to, and your profile is complete.
  8. Click on the blue ‘Submit your profile’ button and you should be taken back to the top of the screen, where a green tick appears to indicate that your profile has been updated.

Once you’re in, you will start to show in searches.  Names are returned on a randomised basis so it isn’t only those lucky few who have surnames beginning with A or B that are at the top of the list.  Test it out and check that your name is appearing in the searches that you would expect to be seen in.

Encourage others to use ABP Connections

The next thing to do is to help us to generate traffic to the site.  You can support this by putting a link to the ABP website from your own website, by referring to the ABP in your LinkedIn profile and by talking about the ABP to your clients, colleagues and networks.

You can also help by using ABP Connections yourself the next time you are looking for support.  What we’d really like to hear is stories of people who have gained something through being on ABP Connections; if a client has found you, or if you’ve connected with a coach or a mentor or if you’ve filled an interim vacancy or found a volunteer.

We would love to share these stories with the rest of the membership so if it’s worked for you, please let know about it.

Over the coming few months we will be doing more to publicise the ABP Connections service, both within our membership and with the rest of the world, so make sure you’re represented and that your skills and expertise are there to be found!

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