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Commencing in 2014, the ABP will launch its inaugural Workforce Experience Awards event to recognise excellence in the field of Business Psychology.

To ensure those wishing to participate have the support they need to make a great submission, the ABP is partnering with BOOST Marketing, the world’s first Award Entry Consultancy, to deliver a submission writing’ workshop on Thursday 16th January in London.

Top tips for writing a great awards submission

As a preview of this workshop, here are some tips written with input from Boost and our Judges on how to ensure your submission is the best it can be:

  1. Read the instructions – ensure you read the guidelines and judging criteria carefully
  2. Tell a story – Make your submission compelling to read, with a beginning, middle and end
  3. Prove you’re the best – be explicit on how the impact of your project/intervention was demonstrated and measured
  4. Interview the right people – interview as many other people as possible to get a rounded perspective on the value, relevance and impact of the project.
  5. Demonstrate clarity of purpose – show links between the project/intervention and the individual/organisation’s objectives/success.
  6. Create distinction – explain what is unique, innovative or otherwise excellent about your entry
  7. Keep it simple – write clearly and in plain English and avoid jargon or acronyms
  8. Use images wisely – models and graphs are good but only if they make sense and add value
  9. Remember your wider audience – be specific about what you did, so others can learn from it
  10. Find an independent reviewer – get someone objective to read your draft submission and offer feedback

More information

To find more about the ABP Workforce Experience Awards click here.

For more information about attending the Submission Writing Workshop click here.

Note: The above tips are an adapted version of those that can be found on the How to Enter pages of the Awards section of this website.

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