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AC Survey -01

All ABP members and practitioners are invited to participate in a study designed to understand the experiences of people of assessment centres – as a candidate or an assessor.

Those who have been members for some time will recall that – in the period between 2007 and 2009 – the Association was focused on the UK Government’s decision to have the Health and Care Professions Council regulate many of the psychology professions.  Members of the ABP Board at that time were instrumental in ensuring that business psychology remained self-regulating.

We have also had a continuous representation on the BPS DOP’s Occupational Psychology in Public Policy (OPIPP) working group, currently chaired by Emma Donaldson-Fielder.  Our representative formerly was Richard Plenty and, following his resignation from the Management Board another board member, Dilip Boury, took this role.

At the same time we’ve actively supported the BPS’ development of Assessment Centre Standards.  Our representative on that committee is our former Chair, Steve Whiddett.  This committee have been working on these Standards with other BPS/ABP members, such as Max Choi being heavily involved for well over a year already – and the plan is hopefully top publish them next year (these things do take time…)

All ABP members and practitioners in this space are invited to contribute to their validation of their proposals.  Please do give input and share these links with others who can give input too:

This survey is for anyone who has been a candidate in an assessment centre:

This survey is for anyone who has on at least 10 occasions been an assessor in an assessment centre:

Bear in mind that the Association was set up in 2001 by members of the DOP who felt that the BPS was too academic in its approach, insufficiently attuned to the practical and fast-moving needs of their organisational clients.

In that spirit, let’s keep the practical nature of our work in mind in making contributions to these surveys. For those who work externally to organisations, please ensure your clients’ needs and AC participants’ interests are well represented.

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