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ABP Conference 2020 – Award Assessors

Awesome Assessors Wanted!

The ABP is looking for Assessors to read through the entries to the 2020 ABP Workforce Experience Awards. The role is an important one as you are the first people to go through the entries and determine the level of quality before passing the shortlisted entries to the judges. It also enables us to have as fair and transparent a system as possible.

You are asked to assess all submissions in a few selected categories that you will be assigned using an Assessment Form which will be provided, according to these six assessment criteria:

  1. Relevance to business psychology
  2. Evidence of stakeholder engagement
  3. Evidence of effective project execution
  4. Evidence of application of conceptual models
  5. Evidence of effective evaluation
  6. Extent of impact
  7. Evidence of innovation

You will assign a rating against each of the criteria for each entry using the guidelines provided and will enter these ratings into the assessors spreadsheet provided, along with any summary comments.

Full training will be provided.

The assessing process will be over a couple of weeks towards the end of June. The conference is online at the start of October.

If you are interested, please contact and

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