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By Clodagh O’Reilly, Chair & Naysan Firoozmand, Vice Chair

Past And Future -01


As we find ourselves at the beginning of 2015, the Chair and Vice Chair share their views on where the ABP has come from and where it is heading next. Our legacy.

When our founders established the Association of Business Psychologists in 2000, their purpose was to champion business psychology and to establish a home and a voice for those individuals working with or having a strong interest in Business Psychology.  The ABP became the ‘home of business psychology’.  One of its features was that as an association we had very little external visibility and this had the very positive effect of creating a community where people (psychologists and practitioners) felt at home.  However as the years have passed, and as the ABP has grown in reputation, it was highlighted by members that too little was done to further the cause of the members in terms of increasing our reputation or promoting the good work practitioners of business psychology do.

In 2013, the current board has had the privilege of reviewing the feedback from members and put in place some significant changes on behalf of the membership.  All of the actions that have been taken have had the explicit intention of increasing the sense of belonging for our members whilst, where possible, increasing our reputation as champions in the practice of business psychology.

It is with great pride that we are now able to host an annual Awards and day conference to celebrate the contributions that business practitioners and business psychologists alike have made to the business world.  We are also producing our second book written, by our members, and delivering monthly training courses for any and all interested parties.  We maintain our excellent annual conference and regular speaker events both in London and in the North of the country, and throughout we’ve endeavoured to maintain every aspect of the Association that created and ‘fed’ our community.

As you will undoubtedly be aware this has required us to invest both money and time to make these things happen and in order to provide these highly valued benefits to members we have introduced the new membership rates.  This is the first increase in membership fees since the ABP was established in 2000, despite cost increases with inflation.  At these new rates we will ensure that we continue to break even on the costs of running the ABP – we are not a profit making association.  All of the activities that are provided to our members where there is a cost to you is targeted at breaking even – we have not pursued profit at any point because we want to do what’s right and helpful for as many people as possible, in a very inclusive way.  So our charges for all activities are consistently significantly lower than our peer group and we check this every year.

We hope that our members continue to benefit from all that the ABP offers and we are excited by the fact that every week the Association is growing in number.  All of your feedback on our agenda is very welcome and we look forward to seeing you at one of our next learning and networking events.

Clodagh & Naysan

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