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We are busy planning our annual Conference and Awards event to take place on 10/11 October, at the Holiday Inn, Regents Park, London. Meet the team who will make it happen!

Gonzalo 2

Gonzalo Lopez, Conference Dean

Gonzalo has been volunteering for the ABP conference for the past two years – the first as a student volunteer and last year leading the speaker streams. Not only is he a fantastically brilliant psychologist, he’s incredibly well organised and technologically savvy. He’s already bringing an enthusiasm and energy to the team which is palpable.  Pulling a conference team together is a challenging and time consuming role, so please do offer Gonzalo and the rest of the team your support. Buy your tickets early so we can all avoid having heart palpitations!!


Emily Green

Emily Green, co-Awards Lead

Emily is a Chartered Psychologist, certified coach and systems practitioner. She has 17 years’ experience working both as a Consultant and in-house leading Talent Management, Learning and Development, Recruitment and HR teams in a Global Company. This is her first year as the Awards Lead and she is very grateful for the support of such a fabulous ABP Conference Team! Not only does this involve working with an exceptionally high standard of Assessors and Judges, it also means she can get an early peek at the inspiring award submissions. The opportunity to meet the awards finalists and see so many great speakers and members of the ABP makes the conference an exciting highlight of the year. She looks forward to seeing you there!

Claire Holmes

Claire Holmes, co-Awards Lead

Claire is an Occupational Psychologist with an MSc from London Metropolitan University, a certified coach and leadership consultant. She has over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and professional services consultancy, and as the most recent addition to the ABP Conference Team as Awards Co-Lead (working together with Emily), she is very excited to join a new ‘family’ and focus on excellence in business psychology. She very much looks forward to being inspired in this role by a whole new community – the exceptional team of judges and assessors, the ABP Conference Team, and last but certainly not least, the awards entrants!


Roshmita 2

Roshmita Sircar, Awards

Roshmita is an aspiring business psychologist and is currently pursuing an MSc in Business Psychology at the University of Westminster. Even though she doesn’t have much experience, she makes up for it with her passion for learning, the same passion which drove her to fly all the way to London from her country where BP is not a taught subject yet. She has been actively attending and enjoying ABP events which has inspired her to become more involved with the ABP by volunteering. She hopes to remain engaged with the ABP in the future and wishes to make it an international platform connecting business psychologists from different parts of the world.


James Pollard 2

James Pollard, Sponsors Lead

James worked in International Development for six years before moving into Employee Engagement and Organisational Culture. He has worked with organisations across the world to improve their employee proposition and create better working environments for employees. He went on to study for an MSc in Industrial/Organisational Business Psychology at UCL and now heads up the Data Insights team at a technology company that focuses on providing financial education to people when they need it most. He has been volunteering with the ABP for a couple of years where he has worked on projects analysing the relationships between events and membership.

Felix Schmirler

Felix Schmirler, Sponsors

Felix gained experience in personnel development at SAP in Germany before coming to the UK in order to specialise in I/O and Business Psychology at UCL. During his MSc he began working full-time as a Business Psychologist at the Chemistry Group deploying tailored psychometric assessments. He is slowly becoming a real geek with a passion for R and anything data. Following a dense year of dissertation writing and working he now wants to engage with others in the field of business psychology and is really excited about this year’s ABP conference.


Sami Rahman 2

Sami Rahman, Marketing Lead

Sami is a Statistical & Computing Psychologist who holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from University of West London (2016) and an MSc in Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism from The Faculty of Engineering, University College London (2017). Sami started his career in Business Psychology in psychometrics and gamified assessment. He worked predominantly in Counter-Terrorism using psychology to inform behavioural intelligence and psychometric tactical profiling. Sami works as a Data Scientist and is passionate about the intersection of machine/deep learning with psychology and how computational statistical psychology will evolve how we do business and much more. He has enjoyed volunteering with the ABP as it has allowed him to network with many like-minded Psychologists.

Nelson Furtado

Nelson Furtado, Speakers Lead

Nelson is a recent entrant to the field of business psychology, working in his first role as a Business Psychologist at a consultancy focused on talent assessment, psychometric testing and selection. He previously worked in the area of higher education policy and administration, specialising in issues such as talent mobility, and university performance evaluation and management (e.g., university league tables). Nelson holds an MSc in Social Cognition from UCL (2017). Coming from a non-BP background, he is eager to connect with and learn from experts by volunteering with the ABP and looks forward to meeting members leading up to and at the conference.


Emma Jennings 2

Emma Jennings, Speakers

Emma currently works as an Operations Manager for a utility. Over the last few years she has developed employee engagement approaches, organised leadership conferences and delivered organisational change. She has recently completed a Masters in organisational behaviour at Birkbeck University. Emma is looking to apply the learning she has gained from her masters into her work practices. Emma is a new member to the ABP and got involved straight away by volunteering for the conference committee. She is looking forward to meeting many other members over the coming months.

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