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Gab Galassi 2



Here, new Board member, Gab Galassi, shares his vision for ABP Training.





Our vision for ABP training is about staying current, promoting evidence-based training and offering guidance and advice to experienced professionals as well as those who are just starting their journey with us.

We would like to develop a framework that caters mostly for two different types of populations:

– those that look up to the ABP for guidance around best practice and/or the fundamental skills required to apply psychology at work.

– those who look up to the ABP for stimulating debates and new ideas to stretch and challenge the way we let the science of psychology support our work.

Together with the rest of the volunteer team I am looking to create a dynamic and current flow of training opportunities for our members and those who are thinking about joining us. This will happen more and more with the intention of establishing a constant dialogue with our members, both virtually (through surveys and polls) and face-to-face chats during our events in the country.

So stay tuned and reach out if you want to contribute with your ideas, your time or your knowledge in a specific area.

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