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Conference Videos

Keynote speakers

Alex Forsythe, Chair of the ABP Board – Introduction


Claire De Carteret, Gallup  – Workplace Wellbeing: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Steve Apps, ABP Certification Lead – ABP Certification – Transitioning

Wayne Hemingway – In conversation with Wayne Hemingway MBE

John Amaechi OBE -The Promises of Giants – How you can fill the leadership void

Nathalie Nahai – Psychology of Online Persuasion & The Workplace

Catherine de la Poer, Chief Growth Officer, Sheridan Resolutions – Why every digital transformation programme needs a business psychologist

Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer, Dentsu – Diversity and Inclusion: Surviving the Pandemic

Bailey Bell, Pearn Kandola – Racism at Work: How to be an Active Bystander

Brent Hamerla, Awards Lead, Claire Jordan, Leader Conversations – ABP Awards- how to get involved

Session recordings

Wellbeing – Sheila Lord, Wellbeing as a KPI

Purpose – Kamylla Caponi / Peter Ward, Telos Partners, Aligning purpose with business strategies

Connectivity – Margaret Doyle, and Dr Alexandra Dobra-Kiel, Deloitte, Hybrid working: Forging a culture of trust

Connectivity – Ben Williams, Sten10 Ltd., Assessing Virtually: Lessons Learnt from 12 Months of Online Assessment Centres

Diversity – Eric Sydell & Josh Andrews, Modern Hire, AI Helping or Hindering Fairness Outcomes

Purpose – Nuala Walsh, Mind Equity, Psychology of Online Persuasion & The Workplace

Workshop – Jess Mally, Vice President Operations and Delivery at Belovd Agency, Being effective allies in spaces of psychology, people management and other people functions

Wellbeing – Dr. JJ Kennedy, Professor, Canterbury Christ Church University, Neuroscience: the do’s and dont’s of how to main a healthy brain, mind and body in times of change and distress,

ABP Workshop – Dawn Nicholson, University Accreditation Officer,The Biz Psych Cup

ABP Workshop – Tanya Gordon Training Officer, An Introduction to Training at the ABP

Diversity – Rhys Connolly, Strategic Client Partner, Zircon, The impact of identity based and cognitive diversity on team effectiveness and psychological safety. 

Connectivity – Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, The Real World Group, Effective Leadership of Hybrid Teams

Wellbeing – Maria Gardner, Head of Operations and Projects, How to put Wellbeing at the heart of business… not just on a mug

Diversity – Rob Baker, Tailored Thinking, Job Crafting: Shaping work around people rather than expecting people to contort themselves around their job(s)

Wellbeing – Karina Nielsen, Professor of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield., How to design and implement organisational interventions

Purpose – Sakshi Bansal, Project LEAP,The Future role of business psychologists

Diversity – Alex Linley, Cappfinity, Can assessment solve the injustices of society

Wellbeing – Rosie Hancock and Dr Belinda Board, People Wise, Thriving (not just surviving) in VUCA environments

Purpose – Lucy Standing, Brave Starts, Ageing Populations: giving them purpose?

Connectivity – Dr. Stewart Desson, Lumina Learning, How has the Covid crisis actually affected our personality?

Dr Audrey Tang, Author and wellbeing expert A practical guide to resilience

Download workbook

Wellbeing – Lee Chambers, Essentialise, Inclusive wellbeing in a hybrid world

Connectivity – Mark Hammond and Jen Martin, The Hive, Vulnerability: Enabling connection, purpose, innovation and sustainability

Purpose – Sakshi Bansal, Founder, LEAP. The Future role of business psychologists

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