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Join us for our latest webinar- Spotlight on Diversity & Inclusion: addressing racial micro-aggressions in the workplace (Single Webinar – 9th September 6pm to 7pm)

Micro-aggressions happen every day: they are hidden in the way we talk, act and interact with people, when intentionally or unintentionally we come across as derogatory towards race, sexuality, etc.. This webinar will equip you with a fresh perspective on what micro-aggressions are, how to recognise them and avoid them in order to promote a better working culture.

The webinar is run by Colleen Cameron, founder of Psychologist At Work, a business psychologist skilled at educating participants on racial micro-aggression in today’s workplace. This webinar is a great tool for practitioners dealing with D&I as well as organisational culture and engagement. It will be also a precious resource for anybody interested in the topic for their own development and awareness.

As a part of the diversity and inclusion conversation, this webinar aims to discuss how race fits into the workplace. In the workshop you will:
• Define in-depth racial micro-aggressions
• Explore what they look like using psychological research
• Why they are problematic
• How to create a better workplace culture using effective practices

If you are interested in accessing this event, please click here to register.

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