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‘Strengths’ in Recruiting

How to find the missing piece of the puzzle when you want to recruit a star performer, by Rebecca Stevens A common challenge One of the common challenges in recruitment is finding someone with the right motivation who is going…

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Emotional Contagion at Work

By Pam Kennett, Chiswick Consulting Positive psychology (PP) has attracted much attention of late, particularly with the increasing focus on employee engagement and how to encourage and enable individuals to flourish and succeed in the workplace. PP presents a number…

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Why is purpose important in the workplace?

By Rebecca Griffiths, Freelance Business Psychologist   We are purposeful creatures; we need structure, routine and goals to function effectively. Every one of us is working towards something, be it getting through difficult times in life or bettering ourselves at…

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How to write a great awards submission

By Boost Marketing, the world’s first Award Entry Consultancy     Commencing in 2014, the ABP will launch its inaugural Workforce Experience Awards event to recognise excellence in the field of Business Psychology. To ensure those wishing to participate have the…

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Launching the ABP Workforce Experience Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Business Psychology The ABP Workforce Experience Awards Programme offers a unique and distinctive platform for celebrating excellence in Business Psychology. Whilst many awards programmes exist in the field of Human Resources generally, and in various psychological disciplines,…

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Shaping Risk Culture in Financial Institutions

By Sarah Tennyson, Senior Director, Moody’s Analytics Working at the boundary of systems, processes, skills, behaviours and culture, there is a growing need for applied psychology to help organizations take practical action to respond to regulatory and market imperatives for a…

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How happiness at work impacts the bottom line

By Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO of the iOpener Institute for People & Performance   "Happiness at work". That short phrase can sound pretty flaky to Executive Directors who need to ensure that they are doing their due diligence. In others words…

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