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Shaping Risk Culture in Financial Institutions

By Sarah Tennyson, Senior Director, Moody’s Analytics Working at the boundary of systems, processes, skills, behaviours and culture, there is a growing need for applied psychology to help organizations take practical action to respond to regulatory and market imperatives for a…

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How happiness at work impacts the bottom line

By Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO of the iOpener Institute for People & Performance   "Happiness at work". That short phrase can sound pretty flaky to Executive Directors who need to ensure that they are doing their due diligence. In others words…

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Qualitative Inquiry: In pursuit of meaning

By Bill Fear, ABP Conference Speaker 2013 No one disputes the value of qualitative research.... Focus groups, for example, are a mainstay of much market research in terms of consumer preference.  Yet psychologists working in the positivist paradigm tend to…

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Conference in focus: the Entertainment & Fringe line up

By Josette Lesser   Following on from last week's interview with the 2013 Conference Deans, we take a look at what people can expect from the entertainment and fringe programme line up... Entertainment The 2013 Conference includes some lively entertainment and a…

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