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Conference in focus: the Entertainment & Fringe line up

By Josette Lesser   Following on from last week's interview with the 2013 Conference Deans, we take a look at what people can expect from the entertainment and fringe programme line up... Entertainment The 2013 Conference includes some lively entertainment and a…

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Doing more with less: A media example

By An Coppens, ABP Conference Speaker 2013 The economic situation globally has resulted in a lot of fancy terms such as globalisation, restructuring, downsizing and it also opened the door to mergers and acquisitions. The net effect of all of…

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Conference in focus: Interview with the Deans

By Josette Lesser With less than a month until the 13th Annual ABP Conference we take a moment to catch up with this year's Conference Deans Dilip Boury and Maria Gardner.... Tell us more about the Conference   Dilip: This it…

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Embodied Leadership

By Peter Hamill, ABP Conference Speaker 2013 How effective is leadership development? Some things to consider: Prior to the economic crash, many of the investment banks that indulged in dubious behaviours, were lauded for their leadership development programmes Regularly we…

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Working with the split personality of organisations

By Steve Whiddett, ABP Conference Speaker 2013 Organisational change There are different schools of thought about organisational change. Some propose a linear and logical approach, some argue for a logical and systems oriented approach and some call for a psychological…

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You cannot hide your behaviour on Twitter

By Wendy Kier, ABP Conference Speaker 2013 It’s very easy to identify on Twitter how effective an account is being managed. How we feel and our level of training is reflected in our behaviour through the patterns of our Tweets…

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Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up

By Tom Evans, ABP Conference Speaker 2013 Over the last decade or so, something insidious has sneaked into our lives and that is the notion that the world has gone 24x7. With 24 hour news and the ubiquity of the…

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The role of Positive Action in the NHS

Event report, London Group On the 18th June the London Group heard from Chartered Occupational Psychologist Harpal Dhatt and Human Resource Management Researcher Dr. Maddy Wyatt about the impact of using positive action interventions on enhancing the career and leadership potential…

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