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Alan Howard

Mosaic Assessments Limited

Alan is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), and member of the BPS’s Division of Occupational Psychology.  He is a Chartered Psychologist and a Registered Occupational Psychologist with the UK’s Health Care Professions Council.  He has 30 years’ experience as an occupational psychologist which includes managing and delivering large consultancy projects in 6 continents.  He is a former Vice President of Assessment & Development at Dubai International Airport and Director of Assessment & Development Centers at consultancy company IHS Dubai.

With Max Choi, Alan has co-authored 3 situational judgement tests which are published worldwide by SHL and which have been completed by participants from over 100 countries.

He is currently leading a team of psychologists in the development of Mosaic, a task-based personality assessment.  Mosaic measures personality without the need to rely solely on questionnaires or self-report, methods that are open to deliberate and unconscious distortion by individuals.

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Cracking the Code: Can Objective Personality Tests Combat Social Desirability Responding, Impression Management and Faking?
This session also includes the speaker
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