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Dr. Roy Childs

Team Focus Limited

Dr. Roy Childs, a Business Psychologist, combines a clear practitioner focus with a background in psychometrics. His psychometric knowledge began at NFER with Peter Saville. He subsequently worked with some of the best-known authors of personality questionnaires including Ray Cattell (16PF) and Will Schutz (FIRO). He has contributed to the BPS as a member of the Standing Committee in Test Standards, a Consultant Editor for the BPS Test Review process and a verifier for the BPS qualifications in Test Use.  With Team Focus he authored many new instruments branded as the Profiling for Success range. These address many issues with psychometric questionnaires. His work is as a trainer, coach, facilitator and author. Publications include ‘The Psychometric Minefield’; ‘The Big Five – Bring a little colour into your lives’; plus chapters on applying Psychometrics in Coaching. He is also a co-author of the Relational Lens addressing the individualistic focus of modern psychology.

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Rethinking the Psychological Assessment of Personality
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