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Jess Mally

Vice President Operations and Delivery at Belovd Agency

Jess Mally is a London based antiracism workshop facilitator, writer, speaker, podcast host, creative and events producer, consultant and more.

With a passion for Social Change, Mental Health, the Arts and Spirituality she hopes to use any and all means available to her, to tell stories that shape a better world.

She is the co-founder of BELOVD Agency. BELOVD is a DEI consultancy working for the advancement of all intersections of humanity in the workplace and places of education.

As a third culture kid and growing up as one of the only Black kids in her world, she has always been passionate about racial equality, equity, justice and a better future for all.

After studying political science and sociology in Germany for a while, she chose to change paths and moved to the UK where she worked as a creative and events producer, curator and consultant in the charitable sector for 7 years.

Today, aside from running BELOVD alongside her business partner Marvyn Harrison, Jess works as a writer for various publications, consults and curates events for organisations aligned with her values, runs workshops, co-hosts a podcast called The Third Way Podcast and is actively involved in advancing the interests of the Black Community in the UK and worldwide.

Being effective allies in spaces of psychology, people management and other people functions.

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