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Professor Nancy Doyle

Professor Nancy Doyle

Professor Nancy Doyle is a Co-director of the Centre for Neurodiversity at Work, at Birkbeck College University of London and also the Founder of Genius Within CIC. Nancy’s career is dedicated to making workplaces and career accessible, so that more people can achieve their potential. Her company delivers thousands of coaching, assessments and trainings each year, as well as consulting for major international brands on neuroinclusion. Nancy has created the Genius Finder Pro, a tool for understanding performance at work, identifying your spiky profile and signposting the most popular disability adjustments and strategies for your needs. Nancy’s research interests include evaluating the effectiveness of adjustments, intersectional issues for neurodivergent people, managing the neurodivergent psychological contract at work.

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Neurodiversity: an Open Door to Discuss Talent and Inclusion at Work
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