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Rich Cook

CEO and Chief Psychologist, Mindset Practice Ltd

Rich is the founder of Mindset Practice and author of an evidence-based suite of applied humanistic psychology solutions, including innovative psychometrics, that enable people to perform more consistently from a mindset of Growth than Survival. He is an award-winning mindset and applied-emotional intelligence expert. His work with STEM talent won the 2014 Civil Service Skills Award and most recently Mindset Practice won the 2022 Association of Business Psychology’s Excellence in Innovation Award. Rich’s 20 years plus experience as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist spans role in external consultancy (e.g. JCA, Aon Water for Fish), internal consultancy (e.g. Shell) and specialist research (e.g. whilst working for the UK MoD’s defence research organisation DERA (now Dstl).

Session Information

Are you and we really OK?: An interactive workshop to explore the power of mindset & defensive behaviour in a world of work where people get in their own way
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